10 Tips for Fantastic Mountain Photographs

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Fantastic photos don’t just happen.  They are planned, photographers work hard for them and the journey to getting the perfect shot often isn’t cheap.  But the right shot can make a world of difference in your reputation as a photographer and especially in the feeling of fulfillment when it comes to achieving greatness in your career.  Mountain photography is one of the more challenging landscape shots to include on your photography bucket list because these mountain ranges are a lot harder to ascend, there are a lot of unforeseen circumstances that happens all the time and the journey to the right spot is a lot tougher.  Hopefully these 10 tips will help you get that fantastic shot you have always hoped for:

10 Tips for Fantastic Mountain Photographs

  1. Go beyond vehicle trails

If you want a shot that is different, unique and priceless then you shouldn’t capture photos from the same spot as others.  Go beyond vehicle trails and include hiking expeditions in your trip so you will have plenty of time to wait for the right lighting and to scout for the best angles.  Of course you will need some hiking gear to go beyond the trails and to keep yourself and your camera dry and safe during the night.  On thehabitualhiker.com you can check out the best hiking tents and other hiking gear that will help you on your journey to ascend mountains and get breathtaking shots.

  1. Plan ahead

It helps to plan ahead because that way you can include the right gear in your backpack and you will know where to scout for the most scenic locations at the right time.

  1. Anticipate lighting

A photographer doesn’t need to be lectured on the importance of lighting.  The mountains are however hard to anticipate because there are so many parts that can get engulfed in dark shadows.  Plan your direction and timing with lighting anticipation in mind.

  1. Don’t miss the golden hour

The golden hour is around sunrise or sunset where just the tips of mountain ranges catch the light and this moment should definitely form part of your mountain range shoot.

  1. Include foreground for a complete image

It could be good if you can capture a bit of natural landscaping in your shot of the mountain.  These foreground usually forms great contrast between different vegetation’s can provide and interesting composition.

  1. Include people for scale

It can be hard to showcase scale when you capture something as huge as a mountain.  Use your friends to create glory and wonderment.

  1. Water is always a good idea

Is there a lake next to the mountain?  Well then you should definitely include water in your composition.

  1. Travel light

Take along little and light gear.  A lightweight tripod, minimalist gear in your backpack and smart outfits all can help you get the right shot.

  1. Go beyond popular

Most popular photographers tend to stick to certain iconic shots.  Instead of capturing images that have been captured before, go beyond the popular and look for another angle or another view to show the world.

  1. Have fun

Of course you should also have some fun on your expedition.  Fun is what makes photography worth your while.

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