A Few Tips on How to Take Better OOTD Photographs

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In the world that we live in right now, there are a few things that we would like to share. Of course, there are some people who have the tendency to over share like people who would like to say how big their current income is. There are also some who cannot help but be on again off again with their loved ones and their relationship status just change from day to day.

For those people who just want to share a certain part of their life which includes the outfits that they are going to wear for the day, they may have some trouble with getting the right picture that will showcase how nice their actual outfits are in person.

You may want to search for some inspiration by checking out different cool websites online. You may come across canyouactually.com that showcases different facts that will leave you in awe. Aside from the tips that you are searching for, you will end up with more information about the different things that you can find there. Definitely, checking out this cool website will help you pass time.

A Few Tips on How to Take Better OOTD Photographs

Aside from the fashion inspiration that you have found, here are a few tips that will allow you to take better OOTD pictures that you can post on various social media sites:

  1. Find the right location for your OOTD.

There are different places where your OOTD can be taken but depending on your ‘feed’ you may want to search for locations that will fit well with the theme that you are going for. Most people will prefer to have their pictures taken against any plain background especially if they want their outfits to become evident.

  1. Know the right pose you are going to do.

It can be hard to find the right pose for your OOTD shots. There will be some angles that will make you look fatter than you actually are in person. Most people have the tendency to look bigger in pictures than they do in real life. Practice in front of the mirror so you will have an idea about the right poses to make.

  1. Make your picture square.

There is a big possibility that you want to post the OOTD shot that you have taken at Instagram. Instagram only allows square photos to be posted so unless you want half of your body to be seen, then you should set your photos to square first before pictures are taken.

  1. Consider the lighting.

Do you even wonder why there are some people who only take photos during the golden hour? This is because this is the time when the lighting is best and flattering for everyone. Of course, as long as you know your angles, you will be able to make your OOTD work.

  1. it is recommended that you ask someone else to take your picture.

It will be hard to take a picture with the use of a tripod and even harder if you would take it without one. Get someone else to take your picture for you so that your whole outfit will be captured.

With all of these tips in mind, you know that you will have the best pictures to post on Instagram. Have some variation with your backgrounds and OOTD because if you post too much of the same thing, your followers will get tired of you.

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