Can Political Photography Be Lucrative?

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So, you love photography and you are extremely passionate about your country and about politics.  Is there perhaps a way to combine these two elements so you can start earning cash from your two passions?  Well, the competition certainly is tough because there are so many journalists lining up to catch shots of major political stories but if you are willing to be flexible and diverse then there might just be a way to earn good cash from politics.  Here are the top ideas to help you earn cash from political photographs.

Can Political Photography Be Lucrative?

Political journalistic photography

This is the most common way to earn cash through politics.  Basically you just have to stay on top of the latest political news and you have to be there at every major event so you can capture the best images.  You can sell your photos to magazines and journalists and earn a good income.

Tourism photography

A lot of political firms like the White House, for example, are a huge tourist attraction.  You can capture great looking shots and sell it online to touring companies.

Earn from campaigning politicians

Every politician that ever had to run for president, vice president or for any campaign had to have great looking photographs, influential posters and convincing images which mean that there is good cash to be made if you can become a campaigning photographer.

Earn by selling photographs online

The digital marketing world is incredibly big and there is constantly a huge demand for high quality photographs.  You can capture great photographs of flags, political events, protests, political figures and much more and sell these images online.  Marketers, businesses, political firms and more can then buy these images from you and use on them on their websites, in blog articles, for promotional content and much more.

Professional political portraits

This is probably the most lucrative but toughest way to earn from photography.  Become a portrait photographer and capture great looking shots of political figures.  Plenty of political figures are constantly in need of great looking photographs for their social media accounts, websites, self-branding and to accommodate journalistic articles.  Take Mark Dubowitz for example; All of his social media accounts is fashioned with a corporate image of himself in his usual navy suit and tie.  You will also find lots of articles, newspaper clippings and more online and not a single one of his shots are bad, out of focus or blurry.  The reason for this is so he will seem like a professional entity no matter who checks out his name online.  If you can create yourself a good name in the political photography industry and get photography gigs from major candidates and political figures then you are sure to earn good cash.

Scandals are good as gold

If you can capture a major scandal committed by a political figure then you can earn big.  Newspapers, websites and news sites are often willing to dish out a lot of cash to get proof of a new and juicy story which means that the photographer able to catch these images will be able to earn big.

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