How to Have a Sleepover Birthday Party & Capture it to Remember It

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Sleepover birthday parties are the ideal place to have friend with your friends, complete a pack of fun exercises, and to eat your most loved treats. You simply need to make a couple of arrangements ahead of time to ensure your party goes over smoothly. When you welcome the greater part of the guests, choose what food to get and what games to play or what movies to watch, and then just wait for the fun to begin!

How to Have a Sleepover Birthday Party & Capture it to Remember It

How to Have a Sleepover Birthday Party & Capture it to Remember It

Make the invitations. Make the invitations such that it reflects your personality and theme. You can utilize Microsoft Word to make them, or think of them by hand. It doesn’t generally make a difference, as long as the guests know all the data. On the invitation, write who the party is for, what day it is, the time it begins and ends, where your home is, and your telephone number (RSVP). Compose the RSVP due date, and advise the guests what to bring (sleeping bag, night suit, pillow, and so on.). Put the invitations in envelopes and mail them (or hand them out at school). If you don’t have enough mattresses or pillows, you can head over to Foam Nights to choose from a range of mattresses and pillows that are not only comfortable to use but also easy on your pocket.

Make up the goodie bags. At most sleepovers, the host makes goodie bags for the guests. Get a bag for every guest, and write their name on it. Inside the goodie bags, put in treats, a mini note pad, gel pens, nail polish as well as whatever else you figure your friends might want. Lay every one of the packs out on a table before the party (yet don’t give the bags to them until the point that it is finished.

Set up the party. Hang balloons and posters on the off chance that you have them, and furthermore set up cheerful birthday signs. If you don’t have any simply make some of your own. Include glitter for an extra effect.

Put the snacks and beverages on a table. It’s ideal if this is in the standard eating room; snacks in the room aren’t much fun and there is a risk of getting them on your floor, the sleeping bags and your clothes. Be that as it may, snacks in a bowl are generally genuinely safe to have in your room. Utilize a tablecloth.

Hire a photographer. If this is your birthday that you’re celebrating, it is a must that the memories must be captured so they can be looked at and remembered in the years to come. Look for a photographer you can hire who falls in your budget but is also able to capture and create masterpieces from your special day.

Welcome your guests. Before long they will arrive. When they do, take their things and place them in your room (or wherever you will rest). Put their presents on a table or the floor. At the point when the greater part of the guests come, begin the activities (assuming any). It doesn’t need to be something huge. You could run with karaoke, or truth or date. Stick with activities everybody loves and can get amped up for!

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Great Health Tips for Photographers

Photography is an amazing hobby or career path to choose for your life.  There are few things as meaningful, as beautiful, unique and rare photograph.  Photos are the only thing that can make time stand still and the only thing that can keep memories alive. The photography lifestyle is also great fun because you travel a lot more, meet more people and see much more of the world

But it can also be tough to keep your health in check when you choose photography as your profession.  Photographers are always on the go and it can be tough to eat healthily and stick to your workout routine when you are constantly rushing between bookings and speeding to photography sites.  Those long hours in front of your laptop while you are editing also has a very negative effect on your health because you are sitting in the same position for long periods of time without any exercise.

Here are a few great health tips that will keep you in shape even as you hustle and bustle to make a success out of your career.

Great Health Tips for Photographers

Great Health Tips for Photographers

Get a home gym

One of the downsides of photography is the fact that you have to be ready to move at all times.  Bookings can come in at any moment and you often have to sacrifice a lot of personal time to accommodate your customers.  A home gym is a must for photographers because you can fit in a daily workout session at times that suit your busy schedule.  Here are a few must-haves for your home gym;

Treadmill – Running is a good cardio workout and is great for keeping your weight in check.  While you are shopping for a good treadmill you should also get the best treadmill mat.  These mats are great for noise reduction, will protect your floor, keeps your treadmill stable and results in a much cleaner look for your home gym.

Spin bike – If running is not your thing then a spin bike can be a great alternative for a good cardio workout on a daily basis.

Skipping rope – Skipping is also a cardio workout but the activity is brilliant for weight loss.

Weights – Weight training is important for muscle strength and will keep your body from becoming flabby.  Invest in a couple of different weights for weight training.

Find a way to eat healthy on the go

Takeaways are a photographer’s best friend and worst nightmare at the same time.  These foods might be easy and great for on the go but if you are always on the go and always eating takeaways then you are putting your health at risk.  Order a healthy meal from a restaurant or look for healthy snacks instead of resolving to takeaways.

Get a standing desk

Sitting in front of your laptop while you edit is bad for blood circulation and doesn’t do much for your weight or posture.  Get a standing desk so you can stand and edit your images.  You will feel a lot more awake, work will go a lot faster and you will become a lot healthier.

Staying healthy is an ongoing challenge but it is the most important challenge you will ever take on.  With improved fitness, you can improve your photography because you will have more endurance, better health and will be able to take on bigger photography challenges.

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Tools You Need for Capturing Awesome Clicks

Photography is not just about capturing a good photo. It is about knowing what you need in order to take an astounding picture. The aesthetic sense that photographers have, can be learned with time but a dandy photographer is someone who looks beyond the things he can see and make anything or product look perfect.

Making things look brilliant requires extra tools and equipment. Without these tools, you won’t understand that there are various ways an image can look much better and pleasing. A nifty photographer should always search on these tools and then buy the best ones.

Tools You Need for Capturing Awesome Clicks

Tools You Need for Capturing Awesome Clicks

Try these tools you on for size:

Heat emitting objects

When you are capturing an object that emits heat, you need to take Infrared thermometers with you. These thermometers are excellent devices to save your camera from any possible damage. It allows you to check the temperature of several of the extremely hot and cold things that otherwise seem normal. For instance, when you are going to capture the life of the folks who work in brick kilns, you need to take this thermometer with you.

The very first step is to charge the battery and install it properly. Then, you need to turn the thermometer on. This might take a few minutes as the device has to power up. After that, you have to select the unit of measure and then be very careful in pointing the device to the heat source. The laser will measure the temperature for you and you can remain safe.

Wet bag

A wet bag is a device that comes with some cameras but usually, you have to buy it separately. It is a big plastic bag that keeps the camera and some of its equipment dry when you have to shoot in the rain or in any humid place. A wet bag is necessary for those individuals who have to travel to countries where there is a lot of rain.

Furthermore, it is beneficial for those who are new to photography and do not know how to protect their equipment yet. With time, you can learn other ways to save your equipment but for now, the best way is to buy a wet bag and live in peace.


A monopod is a smaller version of a tripod and allows you to capture images with a good mobility. For outdoor images, a monopod does wonders because your object and subject are sometimes at a much greater distance and you cannot go close to it. In this scenario, you use a monopod and the strength of your arms to get the picture image. Monopods come in numerous different shapes and sizes. According to your need, look for an affordable brand and gives you a good quality monopod. Moreover, there are various companies, which offer packages so, look for one of these.


If you are a beginner, you will not feel the need to buy separate flashlights. Flashlights let you capture the picture with more perfection only if you know how to use these properly. For night photography or photography of dark places, flashlights are necessary. When you get better at photography and become a professional, you will come across the several companies, which provide flashlights of different sizes. Depending on the intensity of light that you want, choose a lightweight and easy to carry a flashlight. Be careful in spending money on the right equipment.

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Real Estate Photography Tips

When you’re hoping to sell something, one of the most effective marketing tips includes the use of photographs. People relate better to what you’re trying to sell them, when you post photographs on the various marketing platforms, that can include social media sites such as Facebook, as well as other media platforms such as television. In this article, we are going to discuss real estate photography tips.

Real Estate Photography Tips

Real Estate Photography Tips

Use a tripod

When there is low light and you have plans of using high speed, it is recommended to use a tripod. This is because it stops the shaking of the camera during shots, and this makes a great difference even when you have flash.

Have more than one flash

You should always ensure that you have a portable flash, since most of the time you’re going to be indoors, and might spend a lot of time in low light conditions, or in large rooms that require more light. The houses might not have large windows, and the light might be limited.

Use light stands

Light stands are very important when you’re photographing, since you might not find the adequate furniture to use for your camera’s portable light.

Use a wide angle lens

Lenses that are wide angle take sharper photos, and especially if it is a large house where you would like to catch all the details in one photo.

Preset editing

When you have preset editing, editing becomes very easy and fast. Some of the common software that is used for editing includes Adobe Photoshop light room, and the SLR Lounge preset system.

The Best Microphone Stand

In the studio, there are many tools and instruments that are used, and one might want to add sound to their photos. In order to add sound to the images taken, one would need a microphone to record themselves. The microphone goes hand in hand with a microphone stand, and that is what brings us to our next topic, the best studio mic stand.

Best Microphone Arm – Rode Studio Microphone Arm

This is the perfect microphone for radio, broadcast, studio and home use, offering a horizontal reach of 820mm, a vertical reach of 840mm, and full 360-degree rotation. It features Velcro cable wraps, desk-clamp, and desk-insert style attachments that can be used on desks that are up to 55mm thick (clamp) or 70mm (insert). It supports many types of microphones that weigh between 700g (1.5lb) and 1.1kg (2.4lb) when combined with shock mount.

Best Microphone Stand – K & M Microphone Stand

This is a durable tripod mic stand that comes with adjustable boom, making it the standard of the live-sound, touring/production world.

Best Microphone Short Stand – Gator Frameworks Short Mic Stand

This is a short microphone stand with a weighted base, that is made from heavy duty steel. It is perfect for recording or live sound applications. The fact that it has a weighted base, makes it perfect for handling heavier mics. It can also be used for floor applications such as kick drum / bass drums, guitar amplifier cabinets, bass guitar amplifier cabinets, snare or tom bottom, keyboard amplifiers, theater, boundary, and many other applications.


Photography can be a very complicated affair if you don’t know some of the basic tips to make the photos look great. Adding voices to those images is also important, and this can be done through microphones. Don’t hesitate to pick out one of the mic stands that we reviewed above, for the best results.

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Real Estate Photography Tips

Photography is so much fun and you can get nice photos with the right tips. Even though photography is more of a matter of creativity, you should have the basics at hand. The first step which is crucial for any kind of photography is to understand the relation between speed, aperture and ISO. There needs to be a good balance for you to get good photos. You also need to have some editing skills to add oomph to your photos. As much as editing does wonders, to get good photos there is no shortcut, you have to have the right photography skills. With almost all kind of photography the basic rules are the same, but there are also individual rules that apply to make your photography different. For real estate photography, there are tips you need to keep in mind, they include:

Real Estate Photography Tips

Real Estate Photography Tips

Use a tripod

A tripod is normally good for low light photography or when you plan to use high speed. It helps to prevent shaking and as a result helps in achieving clear photos. As much as you may use a flash or try to reduce shaking as much as possible, a tripod makes a big difference.

Have more than one flash

If you are an avid photographer, most of the time you have portable light in your kit. When it comes to real estate photography more than one portable light would be perfect. This is because most of the time you will be doing low light photography and big rooms would in some instances need two lights. One flash light may only work well for small rooms. For indoor shooting, it is hard to only rely on natural light as some houses may not have big windows. In some areas such as the staircase or the corridors that may not have a source of light may be hard to shoot.

Use light stands

That will save you from the hustle of looking for furniture where the portable light will stand or having to move with furniture for the light from one room to the other.

Use a wide angle lens

It is much easier to take sharp photos with a wide angle lens. Since you may be taking photos of a large house, a wide angle lens would be a perfect fit since you can take all the detail you want and have it in the picture.

Preset editing

Preset editing makes editing fast saving your time and you are also likely to get perfect photos. Most photographers use Adobe Photoshop light room or the SLR Lounge preset system. You will be able to achieve so much flexibility and style without necessarily wasting time.

Real estate photography just like any other kind of photography entails a lot of practice. In some cases working with a home designer may help to make things easier for you as they have all the details at hand. As the cliché goes practice makes perfect, with time real estate photography will be a walk in the park.

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Underwater Photography Tips

Whenever we go on vacations, we dream of taking photographs so that they can keep our memories dear. That doesn’t sound too hard if we are just going on regular vacations, because we can simply whip out our cameras or phones and take those shots. Things get a little complicated when we go on vacations and participate in activities like snorkeling. It is not every Tom, Dick, and Harry that has experience taking underwater camera shots or videos, and besides, not everyone can afford waterproof cameras that are meant for the job. In this article, we are going to take a look at some underwater photography tips.

cozumel marine park

cozumel marine park

Know your Camera

Taking shots underwater is a whole new ball game, and you shouldn’t expect great shots at your first attempt. This is because the lighting is tricky, and hence the need to know your camera settings well. You should know how to use all of the camera settings while the camera is in the underwater housing.


Lighting will probably be one of the biggest challenges when taking underwater shots. The closer that the subject you’re photographing is to the surface of the water, the more the light that will show it off. This means that you have to really time the time of day for your shots, well.

Water Clarity

The clarity of the water is something that is bound to affect the shots, and the further the subject is away from the camera, the cloudier that the images become. In such situations, you can zoom out or use a wide angle lens and get closer to your subject to close the distance. This will capture the scene, and is better than zooming in.


Framing is important, even though it is difficult to hold still underwater due to the buoyancy. You need to plan out the image and figure out how you can place it in the frame before taking the shot.

Cozumel Discover Scuba Diving

Being that we are talking of underwater photography, we might as well mention best Discover Scuba Cozumel. Going on a scuba diving expedition with them would be your perfect opportunity to sharpen your underwater photography skills. This is a scuba diving program that will teach you how to wear scuba equipment, basic safety rules, and underwater breathing, and people must be at least 10 years old, and in sound health, in order to participate. The reef that you will visit with this program is Paradise Reef, located inside Cozumel Marine Park (protected area). Departures are daily at 9:30am, 11am, 12pm (noon), 1pm, and 3pm.


  • Discover Scuba Diving from Shore – 1 tank Dive at a Reef accessible from Shore.
  • Discover Scuba Diving Open Water – 1 tank Dive at a Reef in the Open Water accessible by Boat.
  • Discover Scuba Diving Plus – 2 tanks Dive: 1 Dive from Shore, and 1 Dive in the Open Water.

Dive Trip Highlights:

  • All diving equipment is provided.
  • 1 tank dive (2 tanks dive with the PLUS experience).
  • No previous scuba diving experience necessary.
  • Instructions and assistance with all aspects of scuba gear and safety.
  • Small groups with personal attention.
  • The meeting point is next door to the Cruise Pier.
  • English speaking Dive Instructors.

Included in the package:

  • All diving equipment
  • 1 tank dive (2 tanks dive with the PLUS experience).
  • PADI Certified and English speaking Dive Instructor.
  • Soft drinks bottled purified water.
  • Beach break after dive.
  • Marine Park conservation fee.
  • This is an all-inclusive trip.

Excluded in the package:

  • Ground transportation from the Cruise Pier or Hotel to the meeting point.
  • Ferry transportation when coming from Mainland (Playa del Carmen or Cancun).
  • Gratuities – optional.


  • Discover Scuba Diving from Shore: $79usd (2 hours approximately).
  • Discover Scuba Diving Open Water: $89usd (2 hours 30 minutes approximately).
  • Discover Scuba Diving Plus: $119usd (3 hours 30 minutes approximately).
  • Adults or kids (age 10+) are the same price.
  • Cozumel Marine Park conservation fee is included in the price.
  • All fees and taxes included.

Refund policy:

  • If there’s bad weather on the day of the trip, and the harbor master shuts down the port.
  • When coming to Cozumel via Cruise Ship, and the Cruise gets re-routed off Cozumel for whatever reasons.


You can now go and learn how to scuba dive, and while at it, you can also sharpen your underwater photography skills. This will ensure that you take your memories back home with you to show off your latest adventures.

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Great Photography Subjects for a Trip to Playa Del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of the most beautiful holiday locations in the world. Plenty of tourists constantly stream towards this city in Mexico because the coastal town has so many beautiful sites to see and so many fun activities to try.  This is also a great holiday location for photographers.  The various different beautiful sites and fun activities that are clustered here in this coastal town give photographers a great variety of photography subjects to shoot.  This is a great location to get some photography practice in and to have fun on holiday at the same time. Here are some of the best photography subjects to shoot if you ever decide to visit Playa Del Carmen.

Great Photography Subjects for a Trip to Playa Del Carmen

Great Photography Subjects for a Trip to Playa Del Carmen

Fly fishing adventure

Fly fishing is great fun and Playa del Carmen is a great location to enjoy fly fishing.  This type of activity would also look like great fun on a photo and can be a very interesting photography subject for student photographers.  Book your Riviera Maya fly fishing expedition and take some great shots of your catch.

Muyil ruins

You absolutely must get a few shots of the Muyil ruins.  This ancient Mya site is still surprisingly intact and is a wonderful photography subject.  Get a few shots of the temple on top of the pyramid in Muyil, capture the ancient road and get some shots of the pyramid itself.

Playacar Mayan Ruins

This is another beautiful and interesting archeological site that you simply must explore and use as a photography subject.  The Playacar Mayan ruins in and around this area are perfect for getting in some good landscaping photography practice.

Beach shots

Of course, you need a few beach photographs while you are catching your tan and sipping on yummy tropical drinks.


Playa del Carmen has beautiful sunsets.  You should definitely catch a few of the breathtaking sunsets you will enjoy on your trip.

Snorkeling or underwater photography

Are you going snorkeling as well?  Then this is the perfect opportunity to give underwater photography a try.  Capture underwater creatures and beautiful reefs on a photo so you can remember these sites forever.

Visit the 3D Museum of Wonders

This is an absolute must while you are visiting Playa del Carmen.  The 3D Museum of Wonders features several 3D artworks that will be great fun to photograph.  You and your family can have fun with the 3D images and create a wonderful photo book filled with fun and beautiful images.

Animal life

This coastal town is also rich in plenty of animal life.  You can defiantly visit a few natural parks and resorts and get a few photographs of amazing and beautiful animals, birds and fish species.

With plenty of great things to do, plenty of historical sites to explore and plenty of beautiful locations to visit, this is without a doubt one of the best holiday destinations for photographers.  If you are a trainee then this is a great location to get in plenty of practice on different photography types and subjects and if you are already an expert photographer then this is still an amazing place to have fun and get some new travel photographs.

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How to Flaunt Your Space to Attract Buyers for Your House?

Selling houses can be extremely stressful since you have to convince hundreds of buyers to buy your house. Only then, you can hope that at least one of them will buy it. When buyers look at your house, they need to be swept away. First impressions last a lifetime. Most buyers will first see your house through local online retail listings such as The Real Estate in Mission, which posts new listings, Mission BC every now and then. They feature photographs of all the real estate property they have listed to attract potential buyers.

Before buyers come to inspect your house in real life, they will probably first look at photos of it on these listings. Therefore, it is imperative for you to get your house on these listings. The real estate agents can help you get the value you want for your house. They enjoy a good reputation in the marketplace so they can divert numerous potential buyers towards your home. They will plan a marketing strategy for you and suggest home improvements you can make to increase your property value.

How to Flaunt Your Space to Attract Buyers for Your House?

How to Flaunt Your Space to Attract Buyers for Your House?

Good photos are essential to attracting buyers to listings. Here is some advice on how to attract buyers through the photos:

Advertise the Space:

It might seem tempting to get all the expensive things in the photos. It might make your rooms look elegant and chic. However, most buyers won’t give a second glance to such pictures as they only want the house but not the possessions in it. If they see too much of your stuff, they cannot properly visualize how they would set it up. You need to ensure all your rooms are decluttered and show as much space as possible. This way the buyers will look at a room and can easily visualize their own belongings in that room. Moreover, you can always add paintings or photos for a more personal touch.

Make Home Improvement:

As mentioned before, your real estate agent suggests some home improvements to you that will eventually increase the value of your property. Not only this comes in handy when the buyers come to inspect your house, it will be helpful to your home pictures as well. If the paint is peeling, get a paint job done. If the roof has holes or any other damage that is evident from first glance, get it repaired as well. These improvements make a remarkable difference to your property value as well as the listing photos.

Ensure Best Quality Photos:

In the age of smartphones, the need for a proper camera in our daily lives has almost been eliminated. These smartphones can take perfect photos, so why would we need an expensive DSLR? Most buyers, when they look at a picture of a house, tend to zoom in to examine different features. Your smartphone camera has no more than five MP and thus, zooming in can cause the picture to get blurry. This is why you need a DSLR with up to 23 MP so that the picture remains clear no matter how much you zoom in.

Edit the Photos:

Your photos might come out looking great. However, there might be a nail poking out or a visible crack in the wall. Of course, you can have these fixed later. For photos, you can use any photo editing software to edit out these eyesores. You can increase the Saturation of your photos as well. This will brighten up your photos and make all the colors pop out.

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Choosing The Ideal Background for Your Photo Shoot

Amateur photographers struggle in choosing the right background for their shoots mainly because they spend more time focusing on their model and his/her outlook. The background is the most significant part of your photograph, yet it is ignored by numerous.

Background needs the most attention when you are planning your shoot as a background can make or break the beauty, composition, depth, and dynamics of your photograph. Whether you are doing a model shoot, a portrait shoot or a TVC, background needs to be perfect. If you are unable to choose the background that will complement the concept of your photography, you cannot deliver your best.

The kind of background you choose depends on the concept of your picture and the way you would like to convey it. You can either choose from available locations in your area or from the backdrop options present in the market.

While choosing an ideal background you have to keep two things in mind: the background noise and conflicting messages. Stating the cliché “less is more” is ideal here. If there are too many things going on in the background, you distract the viewer from the main subject, this way your message will not be conveyed. The second thing to keep in mind is that the background and the subject should complement each other, they should not conflict each other. For instance, if you are doing a shoot related to child abuse you cannot choose a background that is colorful and happy, as this background will conflict the sensitive and heart-wrenching topic of child abuse.

Some of the backgrounds that can work for your photo shoots are:

Choosing The Ideal Background for Your Photo Shoot

Choosing The Ideal Background for Your Photo Shoot


Construction sites:

Construction sites are one of the best places for photo shoots. They give your photographs the required body by keeping the noise minimal especially houses or building with wooden frames. They can give your pictures an edge. For conducting your photo shoots on half constructed houses with wooden frames you can get in touch with artisan log and timber homes. They specialize in making timber frame homes bc. Their customer service and expertise are up to the mark. So they will be ready to help you in any case.

If you manage to get your photo shoot done in a timber frame house that is neatly made with high-quality timber, this will reflect in your pictures. There are various best timber frame builders in BC.

They build custom and predesigned timber frames for their customers. The houses built with timber frames have a fine finish and are very sturdy. They give a unique and traditional look which will also reflect on your photography. The timber frame houses do not cost as much as houses made with frames of other wood. Moreover, timber is known to have psychological and physical benefits for people living near timber or in timber frame houses. Moreover, these houses are built far earlier as compared to houses constructed using synthetic material. The maintenance of timber frame house is also very easy when compared to houses made with other kinds of wood.


As cliché as the beach photo shoot sounds, conducting your photo shoot on a beach will give you a lot of things to experiment on. The background gives a calm yet dangerous vibes.

Beach is the most versatile background. You can make it look chic, edgy, quiet, sad, happy, lively and what not with your photography skills and angles. The multiple colors found on the beach are found nowhere else.


If you have a certain background in mind and cannot go to the place or cannot find a place like that you can always design a backdrop and use it for your pictures.

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Tips for Taking Great Photos in a Condo

Photographs are so important.  These quick snaps are the key to memories.  Photographs help us remember people, they help us remember incidents, they help us share and tell stories.  Photographs can capture a moment of beauty, innocence, wonder, and heroics and ensures that this precious moment lives on for many years to come.  It is important for couples, families and even singles to take regular photos of their life.  These photos help create a journey on which you can look back.

Taking great looking photographs indoors isn’t an easy task.  Most homeowners will overcome this obstacle by simply moving their photo setup outdoors so they can take brilliant, high-quality photos of loved ones, beautiful creations, delicious foods and more.  But what if you live in a condo and don’t have an outdoor space where you can really relax, set up a photo booth and take great photos?

Here are a few tips to help you take great photos even if you don’t have much to work with.

Tips for Taking Great Photos in a Condo

Tips for Taking Great Photos in a Condo

Leverage your interior

One of the best benefits of living in E Condos is the fact that the apartments are already beautiful.  These gorgeous condos are designed to be efficient, stylish and classy and this is all you really need for a beautiful backdrop.  Look for angles inside the condo that will result in beautiful and interesting photographs.  The bedroom, bed, kitchen, floor, a plain wall, a sofa… all of these average items can look amazing if your photographs have the right focus point and the right composition.

Next to any window is a golden spot

You need natural light to enhance the quality of your photographs.  Every window in your condo is the golden spot for your photographs.  Set up a photo area next to a window, move your bed to the window and use it as a photo base or look for any other way to create a photo area next to the window.  More natural sunlight enhances the quality of your photographs.

Work with light reflectors

A white sheet or white painted cardboard can dramatically enhance the quality of your photographs.  Simply place the white item on the opposite side of the natural light so the light will be reflected.  This will enhance the feature of your photography subject and will improve the photo.

Learn to take photos with your phone

Modern smartphones have absolutely amazing cameras.  Of course, it is good to get a good quality photography camera but you don’t have to dish out thousands to get good photos.  Simply learn to operate your phone camera better.

Create a photo booth

You can create your own photo booth inside your home.  The great thing about a photo booth is you can use many of the items inside your home.  Furniture can become your props and sheets, comforters or blankets can easily be turned into a beautiful backdrop.  You can also constantly change your photo booth set up for fresh and new photo ideas of family members.

Leverage Pinterest

Pinterest is packed with fantastic photography ideas.  With these ideas, you can expand your photography skills and get amazing photo ideas such as ideas for backdrops, posing ideas and much more.

A small apartment shouldn’t keep you from telling your story.  Simply improve your style and method and make the apartment work for you and take great photos of your children, spouse or life as you go on.

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