Choosing The Ideal Background for Your Photo Shoot

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Amateur photographers struggle in choosing the right background for their shoots mainly because they spend more time focusing on their model and his/her outlook. The background is the most significant part of your photograph, yet it is ignored by numerous.

Background needs the most attention when you are planning your shoot as a background can make or break the beauty, composition, depth, and dynamics of your photograph. Whether you are doing a model shoot, a portrait shoot or a TVC, background needs to be perfect. If you are unable to choose the background that will complement the concept of your photography, you cannot deliver your best.

The kind of background you choose depends on the concept of your picture and the way you would like to convey it. You can either choose from available locations in your area or from the backdrop options present in the market.

While choosing an ideal background you have to keep two things in mind: the background noise and conflicting messages. Stating the cliché “less is more” is ideal here. If there are too many things going on in the background, you distract the viewer from the main subject, this way your message will not be conveyed. The second thing to keep in mind is that the background and the subject should complement each other, they should not conflict each other. For instance, if you are doing a shoot related to child abuse you cannot choose a background that is colorful and happy, as this background will conflict the sensitive and heart-wrenching topic of child abuse.

Some of the backgrounds that can work for your photo shoots are:

Choosing The Ideal Background for Your Photo Shoot

Choosing The Ideal Background for Your Photo Shoot


Construction sites:

Construction sites are one of the best places for photo shoots. They give your photographs the required body by keeping the noise minimal especially houses or building with wooden frames. They can give your pictures an edge. For conducting your photo shoots on half constructed houses with wooden frames you can get in touch with artisan log and timber homes. They specialize in making timber frame homes bc. Their customer service and expertise are up to the mark. So they will be ready to help you in any case.

If you manage to get your photo shoot done in a timber frame house that is neatly made with high-quality timber, this will reflect in your pictures. There are various best timber frame builders in BC.

They build custom and predesigned timber frames for their customers. The houses built with timber frames have a fine finish and are very sturdy. They give a unique and traditional look which will also reflect on your photography. The timber frame houses do not cost as much as houses made with frames of other wood. Moreover, timber is known to have psychological and physical benefits for people living near timber or in timber frame houses. Moreover, these houses are built far earlier as compared to houses constructed using synthetic material. The maintenance of timber frame house is also very easy when compared to houses made with other kinds of wood.


As cliché as the beach photo shoot sounds, conducting your photo shoot on a beach will give you a lot of things to experiment on. The background gives a calm yet dangerous vibes.

Beach is the most versatile background. You can make it look chic, edgy, quiet, sad, happy, lively and what not with your photography skills and angles. The multiple colors found on the beach are found nowhere else.


If you have a certain background in mind and cannot go to the place or cannot find a place like that you can always design a backdrop and use it for your pictures.

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