Doing Photography While Snorkeling

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Snorkeling is so much fun as it is an easy way of exploring under water life without necessarily going there. While the activity may be fun, it is also good to keep memories of the activity and this can be through photography. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to snorkel in groups such as snorkeling Riviera Maya which makes it more fun since you are doing the snorkeling tour in a group. Whether you are doing it solo or in a group, it would be great to keep the memories flowing. What you need to keep in mind before getting started with underwater photography include:

Doing Photography While Snorkeling

Doing Photography While Snorkeling


Camera is an essential part since it is what will take the photos. You have to decide whether you are going for a DSLR or a compact depending on your needs and skills. If you are tight on budget, you can opt for a cheap camera and a good lens and that will work just fine. Or you have the option of a second hand camera that will do the job just fine. When choosing a DSLR, you have to keep in mind that there is the full frame sensor camera and the cropped sensor. This should be a guide when choosing a DSLR to choose the best one.


Good photography is mainly influenced by the kind of lenses that the camera has as much as the photography skill is important. Most of the time, the kind of lens that you choose is more important than the camera especially for the case of a DSLR. In some cases you will need a collection of lenses depending on the kind of photography that you plan to do. Good thing is that most camera manufacturers make great macro and wide angle lenses. A good lens is a good investment that does not depreciate in value.


Since you are doing underwater photography, you will need underwater housing for the camera body, ports and lenses to protect them from damage. You should keep in mind that most of the time the housing depreciates fast and thus you should go for top notch quality to last you a bit.


Just like in any other kind of photography, even in underwater photography lighting is very important. The best time for doing underwater photography is when the sun is directly hitting the water. Since water can get dark very quickly as the sun goes to the horizon, you will need artificial lighting such as flash or strobes. As much as strobes are not a necessity, you can’t get away without them if you are doing underwater photography. If you are doing macro shooting you can get away with one but for other kinds of shooting you will need at least two.

As much as you may have all the equipment necessary for underwater photography, the process will not be complete without the right skill set. It is good at least to check out the settings to make sure that you can get your way around it.

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