Gear Tips for Sports and Action Photographers

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When it comes to professional photography, a simple camera can never suffice. Even if you own a really expensive DSLR, it is useless without being accompanied by a plethora of other gear. A flash, tripod and different lenses are just the tips of the iceberg. However, when it comes to shooting action filled moments especially in sports, the amount of gear you need doubles. The intensity and the drama need to be captured perfectly through the lens. The angle needs to be just right to capture the player’s emotions.

Gear Tips for Sports and Action Photographers

Gear Tips for Sports and Action Photographers

For the perfect shot, you need the perfect gear. Even if you have the gear, sports photography requires you to use it in a specific manner. Want to know how?

Follow these incredible gear tips:

Low Tripod:

A low tripod shot can put a fresh perspective to your photos. Although we would not recommend you to use a low tripod in regular situations, however, in sports, it can make the players look heroic and daunting. Shooting from below can accentuate their emotions and makes them look larger than life. You can do it without any gear. However, for better stable shots, a low tripod stand will suit you better.

Cameras with Back Focus Buttons:

Most cameras have an Auto Focus button where you half-press the shutter button to put your image in focus and then press it all the way again to take the shot. This can result in resetting of the focus at times you wanted to click the photo since it uses the same button for both functions. It is not a huge problem for most situations as your muse is probably posed. However, when you are doing sports photography, you cannot take the liberty of re-focusing your images. Emotions run high on the field and everything is a twist waiting to happen. If you blink, you will miss it.

Cameras that have a separate button for autofocus are better for sports. It ensures you do not reset your focus and waste no time in taking the perfect shot!

Continuous Modes:

Continuous modes are a great way to ensure you do not miss out any action. It is better to buy a camera that can shoot at least 6 frames per second in the continuous modes. This means you can get plenty of shots for one shutter press. Sometimes, photographers’ luck runs out and they take a picture at the wrong moment. They often end up losing a great shot because they took one too early. The continuous modes ensure the subject of your photo remains in focus throughout the shoot.

Practice with Private Shoots:

It can be hard to capture the intensity and the vivid action of the game. It is thus much better to practice first with your own private shoots. You can hire a local player or some friends that are into playing sports. You can have them play the game in real life to capture the true essence of the game. Ensure a nice clean background. If you are doing a private shoot to build your portfolio, ensure all the sports gear used is of the highest quality. For basketball shoots, ensure only the best basketball. It will make your photos stand out.

Sports fans will know you care about the sports as much as they do when you include an acclaimed basketball of the highest quality. For the best basketballs, visit Bball world. They provide an in-depth review of the best basketballs to help you choose the one best suited for you.

If you follow these simple gear tips and practice as well, you will find your pictures quality have changed drastically. Bball World shows a thorough comparison table for several products to assist you to pick the best one. They also show the top-rated products and the key features of these products.

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