Gears A Photographer Needs to Ride A Motorcycle!

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A photographer passionate about motorcycle riding is not an exception. Your hobbies and professions cannot necessarily be the same. Experiencing different things just increases your exposure that is often helpful in your profession. You can share these experiences through your photography that can be of assistance to your followers.

When the riding season is around the corner and you don’t want to miss the chance, start preparing yourself. You cannot ignore the fact that this is something dangerous. So, the first thing you need to do is to grab the safety gears.

Gears A Photographer Needs to Ride A Motorcycle!

Gears A Photographer Needs to Ride A Motorcycle!

Here is a list of things you need:

Motorcycle Helmet:

Needless to say how important helmet is. Most folks do not pay heed and try to make the ride more adventurous. Well, to make it clear, adding danger to something does not make it adventurous. Safety should always be the first. Besides keeping you safe from injuries, the helmet keeps your face safe from bugs in the air. The brain is the imperative body part and you shouldn’t put it in jeopardy. The very first thing you need to do is buying the best helmet on the market.

Leather gloves:

Gloves do not sound like a significant thing but it is as essential as other gears. When you are in an accident you are more likely to extend to your hands in order to protect yourself. So, you should have something protecting your hands. The more safety measures you take, the lesser are chances of getting injured.

Motorcycle jacket:

The motorcycle jacket is also crucial as it keeps you warm in cold weather. It is different from any ordinary jacket because it helps your skin be safe when you fall off the bike. You should wear it even in warm weather. A little sweat is better than bloodshed.

Motorcycle boots:

These are over the ankle boots that protect your small bones in feet. Some accidents make your shoes fly off your feet unless these are motorcycle boots. These shoes are sturdy and allow your feet to stay protected. Moreover, they look smart.

Motorcycle pants:

You wouldn’t see a large number of bikers wearing these pants. They have this idea that jeans provide enough safety but it is not like this. Jeans are made of cotton and cotton is not very strong fabric. Do for motorcycle pants for extra protection.

Tip: Bike safety gear certification:

There are safety standards for safety gears and any related product you are buying should fall under these standards. For instance, for the helmet, these standards can be DOT or SNELL. There are usually three standards for a helmet; DOT, SNELL, and ECE 22.05. Manufacturers test their product and certify it according to the requirement of these standards. These certification labels are proof that these products would work for your safety. Then there are clothing standards. It includes clothes and boots. The label you would find on this item would be CE certified or CE approved which refers to abrasion performance.

CE certified and CE approved are two different things. If you have the label of CE tested on your safety gear that shows the product has been tested internally against CE standards, not tested independently. Contrary to this, CE certified refers to the product being tested in certifies facility. CE approved means manufacturer has submitted various samples for independent certification and that safety gear has met the standards. That is why any word regarding certification deserves attention. It is a kind of surety that your gear would protect you.

Whenever you buy these gears, do not forget to read the certification standards.

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