Great Health Tips for Photographers

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Photography is an amazing hobby or career path to choose for your life.  There are few things as meaningful, as beautiful, unique and rare photograph.  Photos are the only thing that can make time stand still and the only thing that can keep memories alive. The photography lifestyle is also great fun because you travel a lot more, meet more people and see much more of the world

But it can also be tough to keep your health in check when you choose photography as your profession.  Photographers are always on the go and it can be tough to eat healthily and stick to your workout routine when you are constantly rushing between bookings and speeding to photography sites.  Those long hours in front of your laptop while you are editing also has a very negative effect on your health because you are sitting in the same position for long periods of time without any exercise.

Here are a few great health tips that will keep you in shape even as you hustle and bustle to make a success out of your career.

Great Health Tips for Photographers

Great Health Tips for Photographers

Get a home gym

One of the downsides of photography is the fact that you have to be ready to move at all times.  Bookings can come in at any moment and you often have to sacrifice a lot of personal time to accommodate your customers.  A home gym is a must for photographers because you can fit in a daily workout session at times that suit your busy schedule.  Here are a few must-haves for your home gym;

Treadmill – Running is a good cardio workout and is great for keeping your weight in check.  While you are shopping for a good treadmill you should also get the best treadmill mat.  These mats are great for noise reduction, will protect your floor, keeps your treadmill stable and results in a much cleaner look for your home gym.

Spin bike – If running is not your thing then a spin bike can be a great alternative for a good cardio workout on a daily basis.

Skipping rope – Skipping is also a cardio workout but the activity is brilliant for weight loss.

Weights – Weight training is important for muscle strength and will keep your body from becoming flabby.  Invest in a couple of different weights for weight training.

Find a way to eat healthy on the go

Takeaways are a photographer’s best friend and worst nightmare at the same time.  These foods might be easy and great for on the go but if you are always on the go and always eating takeaways then you are putting your health at risk.  Order a healthy meal from a restaurant or look for healthy snacks instead of resolving to takeaways.

Get a standing desk

Sitting in front of your laptop while you edit is bad for blood circulation and doesn’t do much for your weight or posture.  Get a standing desk so you can stand and edit your images.  You will feel a lot more awake, work will go a lot faster and you will become a lot healthier.

Staying healthy is an ongoing challenge but it is the most important challenge you will ever take on.  With improved fitness, you can improve your photography because you will have more endurance, better health and will be able to take on bigger photography challenges.

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