Great Photography Subjects for a Trip to Playa Del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen is one of the most beautiful holiday locations in the world. Plenty of tourists constantly stream towards this city in Mexico because the coastal town has so many beautiful sites to see and so many fun activities to try.  This is also a great holiday location for photographers.  The various different beautiful sites and fun activities that are clustered here in this coastal town give photographers a great variety of photography subjects to shoot.  This is a great location to get some photography practice in and to have fun on holiday at the same time. Here are some of the best photography subjects to shoot if you ever decide to visit Playa Del Carmen.

Great Photography Subjects for a Trip to Playa Del Carmen

Great Photography Subjects for a Trip to Playa Del Carmen

Fly fishing adventure

Fly fishing is great fun and Playa del Carmen is a great location to enjoy fly fishing.  This type of activity would also look like great fun on a photo and can be a very interesting photography subject for student photographers.  Book your Riviera Maya fly fishing expedition and take some great shots of your catch.

Muyil ruins

You absolutely must get a few shots of the Muyil ruins.  This ancient Mya site is still surprisingly intact and is a wonderful photography subject.  Get a few shots of the temple on top of the pyramid in Muyil, capture the ancient road and get some shots of the pyramid itself.

Playacar Mayan Ruins

This is another beautiful and interesting archeological site that you simply must explore and use as a photography subject.  The Playacar Mayan ruins in and around this area are perfect for getting in some good landscaping photography practice.

Beach shots

Of course, you need a few beach photographs while you are catching your tan and sipping on yummy tropical drinks.


Playa del Carmen has beautiful sunsets.  You should definitely catch a few of the breathtaking sunsets you will enjoy on your trip.

Snorkeling or underwater photography

Are you going snorkeling as well?  Then this is the perfect opportunity to give underwater photography a try.  Capture underwater creatures and beautiful reefs on a photo so you can remember these sites forever.

Visit the 3D Museum of Wonders

This is an absolute must while you are visiting Playa del Carmen.  The 3D Museum of Wonders features several 3D artworks that will be great fun to photograph.  You and your family can have fun with the 3D images and create a wonderful photo book filled with fun and beautiful images.

Animal life

This coastal town is also rich in plenty of animal life.  You can defiantly visit a few natural parks and resorts and get a few photographs of amazing and beautiful animals, birds and fish species.

With plenty of great things to do, plenty of historical sites to explore and plenty of beautiful locations to visit, this is without a doubt one of the best holiday destinations for photographers.  If you are a trainee then this is a great location to get in plenty of practice on different photography types and subjects and if you are already an expert photographer then this is still an amazing place to have fun and get some new travel photographs.

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