Have a Friend Golfing Day for Great Photos and Great Memories

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It is hard to stay in touch with friends once you step into the adult work and once you have a demanding job and a demanding family.  Before you know it a year went by in which you hardly spoke to any of your best friends.  It is important to do what you can to keep in touch with friends because if you don’t you will soon be all alone and have no one to talk to or to make memories with.  A golfing day is a perfect way to get all of your friends together so they can experience something new and have fun out in the open and create some fantastic memories. You can also use your golfing session as an excuse to get some great photos of all of your friends.

Why golfing is great for photography

There are few photography locations that are as beautiful as golf courses.  Golf courses have plenty of great wide opens, small ponds and beautiful trees that make great backdrops.  Your friends will be in a great mood when they are out in the open and you can work in a lot of photography sessions and get some great snaps of the people you love the most.  You can also work out that camera of yours and get more experience in photography.

Have a Friend Golfing Day for Great Photos and Great Memories

Golfing gear that you should rent for your big day

If you or some of your friends are not that into golfing gear then you should definitely rent some gear to make your golfing expeditions more fun and to help those who are new to golfing shine a bit more.  Some of the top gear that you need is;

Golf Drivers – A lot of friends can get by by using the same set of drivers which is great if you are planning your trip on a budget.  A set of golf clubs is the basic essential for your golf trip.

Golf balls – Some golf clubs will rent a whole bucket of golf balls to you at a small fee so you and your friends can enjoy as many hits as you like on the practice fields.

Golf car – Golf cars are easy to drive and can save you and your friends a lot of effort and you’re your trip a lot more enjoyable because you can load a cooler filled with yummy treats and drinks on it and enjoy your day to the fullest.

RangefinderGolf rangefinders is a huge help to golfers because it helps you determine the exact distance between objects and between you and objects such as ponds, trees and holes.  If you love golfing then this is definitely the type of gadget to add to your gear list.

Push chart – A push chart is great for hauling those heavy drivers and gear wherever you go and is a definite must if you can’t get your hands on a golf car.

A golf day is the perfect way to celebrate old friendships and perhaps get your friends interested in this outdoorsy sport so you can get together more often for a great workout session and plenty of sunshine.

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