How to Look Good in Headshots

DIY Photography

You need a headshot for different reasons and even though you try your best to prepare for it, you are not given any advice about what you should do. The headshot is something you can use to market yourself effectively and if you do not look good in it, you will find it harder to book jobs or at least to sell what you can offer.

It helps if you will naturally look pleasing to the eye. You can take good care of your skin by making sure that your skin is constantly hydrated and clear. I would recommend my local hydrafacial in Perth so that you can also achieve the good and smooth skin you have always wanted. One session alone will allow you to see the effects immediately but you need more than one session to truly improve the skin on your face.


Aside from having great skin and perhaps wearing the right makeup before you take your headshot, here are still some other tips that you need to remember:

  • If you can afford it, allow a professional to do the headshots for you. It will make a lot of difference because the professional can look for your best angles to make you look more visually appealing in photos.
  • Allow the pictures to still look like you. You know that you can look amazing in pictures but only if you would be yourself. You may want to have an airbrush makeup or you have instructed the professional to erase all of your wrinkles but people will be terribly disappointed when they see you in person because they expected someone else. Allow your photo to still look natural. It will make a lot of difference.
  • Place a lot of emotions on your eyes. If you want the picture to look amazing, you need to make a lot of effort with the use of your eyes. Allow your eyes to stay focused and it should be energized enough to make people take a second look at your photograph.
  • Your background will make a lot of difference. A lot of people would choose to have a plain white background for their headshots because it will make them stand out. If you would choose a darker background, expect that it is not going to turn out as great as you thought it would. Having headshots with a “natural setting” background is possible too. Choosing the natural background is more ideal if you think that natural light makes you look better.
  • Keep your clothing and your props classy. There are some people who go overboard with the headshots. They normally use various items that will make them stand out from the rest but will this be ideal if you are searching for a professional job? Wear normal clothes and allow your appearance to make you stand out.

One bonus tip to remember: do not go overboard with the makeup that you are going to use. Makeup has the power to transform your appearance and if you change your overall look so much, this can be a bit problematic for you.

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