How to Make Your Home More Photo-Friendly

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Studio photographs are always great but any parent will tell you that their most precious photos of their children are the images they capture as their kids do crazy and naughty things.  Catching them in action as they bounce on their beds, draw on the walls, take a cute bubble bath or wear their underwear on their heads is the type of images that puts a smile on your face and gives you a true memory of your child’s personality.  Most parents miss out on these unique moments because their home interiors aren’t camera or photo friendly.  For great indoor photographs you need great lighting and a good looking background.  It doesn’t help much to capture that unique shot of a family member if the background is going to seep all of the beauty out of a photo.  Here are a few tips to make your home a bit more photo friendly so you will be able to capture hilarious and special moments wherever they happen.

Install plenty of skylights

The lighter a studio is, the better the photos.  That is also why outdoor photographs look so much better than indoor ones.  Installing skylights in all rooms is a great way to make your entire home a lot lighter naturally.  With a skylight in each room you will use much less electricity and your home will be a lot lighter which will enable you to take brilliant shots of your kids or family members in each and every room without the image seeming pixelated.

How to Make Your Home More Photo-Friendly

Raise the ceiling

A raised ceiling is tremendously popular right now and contributes too much better photographs since there is much more room.  With a raised ceiling you can also install more skylights and much better looking ceiling lights. Kenny Roofs is one of the best roofing companies to trust for roofing transformations.  You can ask them for a quote for new roof and transform the way your photos look forever.

Get a fresh coat of paint

Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is a great way to improve the general look and feel of your home and will enable you to take great shots against any wall.

Choose your color wisely

The colors and color themes you choose for your home is tremendously important for good looking shots. Creamy, natural greys and faded or warm colors works best for terrific photographs so try to avoid any bright colors when you are remodeling a rooms.

Choose your furniture and wall decor wisely

Choose furniture that will look great in photographs.  A corner sofa with a beautiful painting in the background, for example is a great place to take family shots.

De-clutter as much as possible

There is nothing that makes a home seem messier than a lot of clutter.  Try to install as many closed cupboards in your home as possible and toss away any unnecessary cluttering items.  The wider and emptier a room seems the more focus is put on the subject in a photograph.

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