How to Photograph Your Condo for Real Estate Listings

DIY Photography

If you’re looking to sell your existing condo to move into a much better one, like Peter & Adelaide Condos, you must take some stunning photographs of your condo to attract buyers. We’ve put together some tips for you that can help you out and make the move quicker and easier for you!

How to Photograph Your Condo for Real Estate Listings

How to Photograph Your Condo for Real Estate Listings

Before You Photograph

Invest in a decent quality camera. A mobile phone camera won’t cut it on the off chance that you need quality shots, yet advanced gear isn’t a need either. Any simple to use advanced camera with five megapixels or more will deliver great photographs. In case you’re willing to fork over more money, a DSLR offers more settings and enables you to utilize an assortment of focal points. A tripod is additionally a decent speculation for taking sharp photographs.

Stage your condo. You need to flaunt the space, not what’s in it. Ensure your house is perfect, and get out distracting things like toys, fridge magnets and so forth before taking photographs. On the off chance that this leaves your condo looking somewhat dull, items like a vase of fresh flowers can zest it up.

While You Photograph

Use as much natural lighting as you can. Open the curtains and turn on every one of the lights to make your condo look splendid and open. Try to use the camera flash as little as you could; it makes ugly shadows and reflects off mirrors and windows. You ought to likewise abstain from taking photographs on cloudy days or around evening time, as this will deliver desolate photographs. For outdoor shots, take pictures on a cloudy day so the sun doesn’t cast dim shadows on your condo.

Pick the best compositions and angles. The most ideal approach to flaunt a room is to shoot from a corner or door to incorporate however much of the room as could be expected. This provides context and makes the space look more open than a tight shot does. While capturing your condo’s outside, stand at an angle to the condo as opposed to straight-on, enabling purchasers to see the condo’s depth. However much as could be expected, abstain from capturing objects that dull your condo’s look, similar to shafts and wires.

Try not to make your condo look like something it’s most certainly not. While you need to make your condo to look as good as possible, don’t misdirect purchasers. For example, a photograph brought with a wide-point focal point can influence a space to look misleadingly huge. Purchasers will be frustrated and aggravated when they see your condo and see that your apparently huge rooms are small in reality.

Take heaps of photographs. Advanced cameras give you the flexibility to take the same number of photographs as you need, so explore different avenues regarding loads of angles and camera settings. Survey the photographs later and pick the ones that best speak to your condo.

After You Photograph

Touch up the photographs. After you’ve picked your best photographs, you’ll most likely find that they require a touch of tweaking. Free online photograph editing software like Picnik and Snipshot are extremely easy to use and enable you to crop your photos and adjust colors.  Be sure not to overdo it.

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