Increase Your Photography Income with Videography

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If you do photography for an income then you need to stay ahead of competition.  Technology is advancing each and every day and photography tutorials are making it easier for more and more people to take terrific photos.  To be successful in photography with so many competitors out there you need to constantly upgrade your skills and you need to constantly look for out for fresh ideas.  Lately everyone is starting to like video’s more.  They are sharing more videos and GIFs on their social media pages because it gives a livelier feel than a photo ever will.  If you want to stay ahead of competition then you definitely should give videography a try.

What is videography?

Videography is basically making a film.  Now anyone can grab a camera and make recordings.  With videography you aren’t just taking recordings. You are creating a video of something like a major event, celebration or occurrence and you develop it into something like a short movie or a visual story.  It should run smooth and be appealing to the eye.  You need good skills for videography so your clients will look great on the film.

Increase Your Photography Income with Videography

How videography can earn you more cash

Videography is a great alternative to add to your photography services because you aren’t just giving your client’s photos. You are giving them a visual memory of a certain day’s events.  You can make cash by adding different types of videography services like;

Wedding videos – You can turn average wedding videos into a mini wedding documentary so couples can relive their weddings for many years to come.

Kids’ party videos – A photo will never capture the cuteness of small kids.  With videography you can make a mini video of the entire party so parents can see how small their kids were and relive the cuteness of their actions and words.

Business videos – Businesses can hire you to make visual representations of their companies that they can use in adverts or to help them get investors for expansions.

Tutorial videos – You can make tutorial videos for schools or for people who have certain skills.  They can in turn sell these tutorial videos to make some cash for themselves.

Event videos – You can help people celebrate major events like a 80th birthday party, a holiday, the birth of a child and much more.

Learn how to do videography

Videography is very different from photography.  You need exceptional skill and a lot of experience to become good in videography.  You will also have to learn how to edit videos and how to add sound effects and much more so your videos will run smoothly.  CreativeLive is a terrific site where you can learn videography.  The site is loaded with terrific online video tutorials that will help you master all the skills involved in videography and the tutorials will also give you some great ideas that you can use in your videos.  With videography skills you are sure to shine above all other photographers.

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