Keep Your Home Picture Perfect for Real Estate Ads

DIY Photography

If you are planning to sell your home, it is important to get everything ready for its close up when it comes time to shoot photographs for the real estate ads. Every surface needs to be spotless, and every area needs to be managed. Finding the time to complete all of those tasks can be a challenge especially if you are coordinating a move too. To help make everything more manageable, here are some tips to help you concentrate on the right tasks for the best results.

Keep Your Home Picture Perfect for Real Estate Ads

Robots and Automation

House cleaning robots can help keep things tidy while you concentrate on other areas. Solutions are available for a variety of floor cleaning tasks, including sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. Window cleaning robots can sense whether an area has already been cleaned preventing a section from being unnecessarily cleaned. Some of the best robotic pool cleaners can help limit the need to perform tasks yourself and may even eliminate the need to hire a professional.

Lawns and Exteriors

All yard spaces need to be kept tidy and clutter free. Put all toys and games away and remove any visible water hoses and trashcans. Take the time to refresh any pillows or cushions on outdoor furniture, and pressure wash patios. Make sure all of the garage doors are closed, manage any landscaping needs like mowing and trimming. If you have empty planters, either remove them or add new plants.


When you photograph your living spaces, make sure all of the lights in the room are turned on. Replace any burned out bulbs and make sure all of the lightbulbs in a space are the same temperature. To simply things, you can also choose bulbs with a similar wattage as long as enough light is found within the space.

You also want to make sure daylight comes into each room that has windows. Open curtains or blinds and let natural light come into the space.

Kitchen Counters

Ideally, countertops need to be completely cleared appearing one or two small appliances, such as a coffee maker or toaster. Remove all magnets and papers from the refrigerator and keep garbage cans in a pantry, closet or suitable cabinet. All dishes should be removed from the sink and placed in the dishwasher while photos are being taken.

Dining Room Tables

Unlike kitchen counters, dining room tables should not be bare. At a minimum, add a nice center piece to the table to create interest. If you have decorative place settings, feel free to add them in a way that suggests a pending meal. Remove child seats and place them in closets. Wipe down all surfaces to remove dust and make sure the flooring under the table to thoroughly cleaned and free of dust.

Living Room

Dust all surfaces and vacuum the upholstery. Make sure that any personal paperwork, like incoming or outgoing mail, is put away, and store magazines in an appropriate container or draw. Remove all toys from the space and declutter any shelves or mantles. Fluff furniture and pillows to make it seem more comfortable and inviting. If you have a fireplace, make sure the exterior is wiped down, and the interior is sufficient cleaned or repainted. You can also add a screen to create a more attractive appearance in the photos.

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