Look Better Naturally For Photographs

DIY Photography

It is not just models and actors who want to look good on photographs.  A photo is something that can last an eternity and is a great memory that you can one day show your grandkids or simply look at when you get older.  Shying away from a camera is often the worst mistake you can make, because you will never be as young and good looking as you are now.  It is important to document your current look because time will eventually take its toll and those who are lucky enough to survive to a ripe age, end up looking nothing like they did when they were young.  A great way for you to overcome your camera shyness is to optimize your look a bit by getting a tan so you can shine no matter what day or season it is and so you can get caught on that once in a lifetime shot that so many photographers can only dream about capturing.

Why a tan is such a great improvement?

Research has proven that people who tan frequently have more energy and a more positive attitude.  Tans also hide unsightly body defects such as scarring, stretch marks, spider veins and uneven skin tones.  There is no makeup or haircut that can make you appear as lively on a photo as great tanned skin will.

Look Better Naturally For Photographs

Get your own home tanning bed

Luckily for you, technology has finally advanced enough for you and anyone who would want one, to own their very own home tanning beds.  Home tanning beds offer just about the same quality tan results as salon tanning beds with one great exception. You can tan any time you like and do as many sessions as you need to get beautiful bronze skin.  Just one fifteen minute session a day is enough to change your natural color from shockingly white to glowingly bronze and once you have a good tan color, you can reduce the sessions to one in every two weeks just to maintain your look.

Tanning bed maintenance

The tanning beds are incredibly simple to set up and the only maintenance you will be doing is to clean the bed between sessions and to replace the bulbs when they are due. Tanning beds function with UV tanning bulbs that surround you and tan your skin from a 360 degree angle and most beds have 16 – 24 bulbs depending on the bed’s size.  The bulbs last a long time but needs to be replaced every now and then.  Luckily you can also order tanning bed bulbs online for greater convenience.

Other tanning solutions

If you don’t have the money for your own tanning bed then you can always book a tanning bed session at a salon or get a professional spray tan. Self-tanners are also great for DIY tanning and come in various products such as spray tans, lotions and creams that you can scan trough to find the best and most affordable solution that can give you glowing bronze skin instantly.

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