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Let’s talk about a deeply disturbed photographer. We would like to introduce you to the “art” of Mariel Clayton. And we feel that disturbed is an accurate depiction of his homicidal Barbie photo series. He has taken Barbie, Ken, and company to new heights of awful.

Maybe your kids have you shopping for the top rated Barbie dollhouses, and that’s how you ended up here. Or perhaps, you simply were looking for a “dream house” for your daughter’s iconic toy. Surely you imagined that you’d purchase something full of pink luxury. And certainly, those Barbie houses are still readily available. However, if you are sticking around here, you won’t have that nicety. Mariel Clayton obliterates the innocence that was Barbie.

polarizing image

Barbie’s a Polarizing Image Anyway

On one hand, some of us can recall Barbie as a favored toy. She offered us the ability to play with our siblings and pretend that we were adult women. Yet, she also showed us how society devalues women by creating an image of shape and size that are humanly impossible. Read this. Since Barbie’s a polarizing image anyway, it’s really no wonder that someone felt the need to take the concept far beyond the confines of class and human decency.

Barbie’s fake plastic smile always grated on our nerves, and her perfectly flowing blonde hair was equally annoying. But to see the things that Mariel Clayton has done to Barbie and her makeshift family, is to cringe in disbelief and disgust. His images are so morbid we wouldn’t even recommend you look at too many of them for fear they will have negative impacts on your brain and cause sleep disturbances. Yes, that’s how raunchy and reprehensible many of them are.

The Photographer

Mariel Clayton is a Canadian. His dark side is both twisted and disturbing. Yet, he has garnered a number of accolades for his deeply unsettling imagery. Since he’s only been serious about photography for less than five years, it is a wonder that he is receiving so much attention. Albeit, his pieces are so unnerving people must have felt an overwhelming urge to respond. Learn more.

Dolls became a focus for his photographic endeavors about two years ago. Prior to that most of his experience came from the travel industry. And, he admits that focusing his skills on dolls was mostly about the fact he found it humorous. One does have to wonder where homicidal, and sexually explicit, doll photography ever achieves the label, “funny,” but that’s how he sees it nonetheless.

When questioned about the amount of work he puts into a shoot, he claims that the minimum set design takes about five hours. This is particularly accurate in the homicidal Barbie shoots. Some of his other doll photos can take upwards of 15 hours. That’s mostly because he feels the need to make his own props and costumes for them.

He admits that there are no hidden meanings in the pictures. Instead, he includes what he’s trying to get across in the title of each image. He even has a series he refers to as Barbie Murderess shots. And, those images are without additional meanings either. Instead he hopes the viewers will interpret them in their own ways. Their reactions to his “art” is, in his mind, the best part.

We wonder if our repulsion would suit him. And, like we said previously, we don’t recommend that you view any of these atrocities, but if you simply can’t resist, here’s a link.

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