Modeling for Photography – How to Groom Yourself?

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Modeling for photographs might seem easy and you might want those amazing magazine worthy shots that most celebrities get. However, a good photographer can only take you so far! No matter how much you touch up your pictures, if your hair looks extremely messy, chances are they will still be messy after. You need to look your best going into the shoot, then only the photographer can work his magic and the editor his! However, you might not be aware of how to groom yourself for the photograph. A simple liner might look too heavy for your look, but in photos, it might make your eyes pop out!

Modeling for Photography - How to Groom Yourself?

Modeling for Photography – How to Groom Yourself?

So, how to look your best in photos? Read ahead:


Makeup can either make or break your look. When modeling for photographs, do not be afraid to try out a new look or a bolder approach than usual. Chances are it might look better in photographs than in real life! So, keep your foundation a little lighter, as it will help reflect light back better. You might want to try some highlighter not only on your face but on your body as well. Put some on your shoulders, center of legs etcetera. Try making your eyes look bigger as this would help your photos bring out the best in you. Use fake eyelashes, mascara and lots of liners!

Men are not impervious to these tips. A little bit of makeup to hide, their imperfections can certainly help their good looks.


Of course, you should wear your best for a photo! It depends on the occasion as well. If you are trying to model a dress, you should ensure the dress stands out more than your features. However, ensure the dress fits you exactly right. An unfitted dress will make the dress look horrendous and will make your body seem out of proportion. Men need to be extra careful with this. A full suit can look elegant and handsome; however, if it does not fit you right, it can make you look untidy,

You should have it tailored specifically for you. Ensure the shoulders, hem and sleeves are all at the correct length.

Another factor to look out for is shoes. Ensure the shoes you wear are properly polished. If you go for sandals or heels, it is best to ensure your feet are neat and clean. Clip all your nails as well.


If you are having a good hair day, chances are your hair will look amazing without even styling. However, you cannot rely on these days too often. You need to work for good hair. For women, we recommend, giving your hair a good wash. Use shampoo, conditioner, and you can even try a hair mask. It would keep your hair shiny and silky. You can try styling it as well. Just ensure it suits your face.

Men should have their hair trimmed as well as their facial hair. Facial hair can play a huge role in the photos. Properly style your beard or if you are clean shaved, shave your face properly. You might want to use hair trimmers and do it yourself. You can buy various styling gels or waxes for hair grooming. If you want to know the best ways to groom your hair, you can follow any online website such as Hone Style. Their website caters to those men who want to style their beard, mustache, and hair to sit themselves. You will find all kinds of trimmers, styling waxes, razors, shaving creams and styling tips. With your hair looking amazing, your photos would come out looking best!

Therefore, there you have it! Follow these tips and you are bound to end up with the most amazing pictures!

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