Need of Photographers

DIY Photography

Photography seems to be one of those professions that will never become obsolete. Even in this world of digital technology where all of our devices can become professional-grade cameras, there are times where we still need to hire a professional to get the job done. Don’t get me wrong; Many of us are certainly guilty of using my iphone for almost every birthday party and special event I can imagine. Hiring a photographer can get very expensive, so sometimes it’s best to DIY… but sometimes it’s not.

So, when should you splurge and pay the extra dollars for your photos? Here are the events you can skimp and the areas where a professional is the only thing that matters.

  1. Wedding. This one should be fairly obvious, but some people still opt for the DIY.  It’s best to break it down by numbers. If your event has more than 100 people, then hire a professional. If it has less, this might be something you can hire an amateur to do. Size does matter with these things and the bigger the guest list, the harder it will be to capture every memory. The good thing about having a professional (especially if you are the bride or groom) is the relief of knowing they will do a good, professional job, whereas a friend may just be there for the free booze. Plus the house spent editing does not seem like a job for everyone. This one, should definitely be left to a professional.
  2. Family Photos.  There are plenty of people who own nice cameras and take all their own photos when it comes to their yearly family photos. There are many who opt for the professional because it’s more convenient. The choice is certainly yours, but in this case, you can certainly save money and take the pictures yourself or with the help of a friend. Plus, you can save money on new outfits for your entire family at Kate Spade via their online coupons and really keep the costs of these photos down. It’s a win-win and certainly an easy DIY.

In the end, as long as when you click your hashtag and you are able to scroll through the images that make you happy, that’s all that really matters. Not if the lighting was good or if you got enough candid shots. As long as you can look back on these images and remember that day, week, month, year or lifetime, the photos have done their job.

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