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Tips That Will Help You Take Great Fitness Selfies

Photographs are terrific for capturing memories and for staying in touch with your friends and family members when they are far away.  But photographs can also be a great source of inspiration to yourself and others, especially if you love fitness and sports.  With photographs you can document your weight loss journey and inspire so many other struggling and obese men and women to do the same.  Posting great shots of your progress is also great fun and serves as good motivation to get you to stick to your diet and workout routine.  Fitness bloggers also rely on great shots to boost their blog popularity.  To get others to like your images you need much more than just a before and after image.  You need a great looking before and after image and several other shots to keep the feed going on your sites.  The likes you get on good looking shots will also motivate you to keep going on your weight loss journey or on your journey to helping others lose weight. Here are some tips to help you take great shots every time you brag with your own personal fitness level.

Tips That Will Help You Take Great Fitness Selfies

Tip 1 – Great clothes are important

Gym outfits are popular for many reasons. They greatly contribute to a much more comfortable workout session.  Gym outfits are sexy and contribute to much better looking photographs and gym outfits makes you look dedicated and smart.   On The Fitness Recipes you can get great discount codes and coupons on all of the best gym clothing that will help you shine more on photographs and continue to a much higher sense of value and quality which is especially important to fitness instructors or fitness bloggers.

Tip 2 – Lighting is important

Good lighting provides much better looking selfie shots.  Try to take your selfies in the shade but next to a window or outside because colors appear much more vibrant, skin tones look much more even and your images are much better quality especially when you are using a smartphone for your selfie shots.

Tip 3 – Don’t be too serious

Have fun on your selfie shots and don’t be too serious.  No one is going to follow your fitness blog or try to follow in your footsteps if it looks like you aren’t having any fun.  Without fun, a gym selfie is nothing but showing off.

Tip 4 – Watch out for background burps

Take your selfie in an area with a good looking background like at the gym, outside, next to a good looking wall and beware of background burps.

Tip 5 – Use quotes

PicsArt Photo Editor and many other photo apps allow you to edit your photographs and to add quotes onto your images.  Using quotes in your captions is a great way to generate more likes and to tell people what your journey is all about or what your image signifies in a single glance.

Tip 6 – Be creative

Try looking for different angles when you are taking fitness selfies.  Look for angles that provide a much better look for yourself and try to be a bit different on your images.

Turn Photography Into A Full Time Career

As much as photography is mainly done for fun, it can easily be converted into a full time career. Just like many other careers, it has its own challenges as a career as well. With the evolution of smartphones, doing photography is way easier than it was long ago as almost every phone now has a camera. With a god phone, you can even take better photos than a real camera. With many photo editing tools currently in the market, a simple photo can be turned into a million dollar picture just with the right editing. With the changing technology, all kinds of business can do online. With the right photos and internet, all you need is tips on how to make money online with photography. They include:

Turn Photography Into A Full Time Career

Have a website

As a photographer you have to have a website where your potential clients can come and have a glimpse of your work. Through the website you can display your portfolio and maybe it may get the right attention.

Sell stock photography

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money as a photographer. Most people however prefer this way as a way of diversifying their income. With selling stock photos you can sell some of the photos that you already have, all you have to do is to sign up on the stock photography sites such as shutterstock to get started. Stock companies will take a commission from every sale made.

Sell prints

Since many stock photo companies take a commission which can be large at times making you earn less, you can opt to sell prints through your website or through other photography platforms. Here you are likely to earn more than from stock photos however you are obliged to drive traffic to your site. The more the traffic to your site, the more the sales you are likely to make as a photographer.  Good thing is that selling prints can work with all kinds of photography.

Grow your social media platform

If you have a good social media platform, you are likely to attract companies that will sponsor your posts and that is a great way of earning money. The higher the number of audience, the more successful you are likely to be. It however takes time to have a large following and it will require you to focus on one niche of photography.

Pitch on photography job boards

This is another great way of touching base with potential clients. There are many online jobs where clients post what they need and different photographers get to bid for the jobs. Even though it can be time consuming, it is rewarding as well. Different job boards have different ways of operation but most of them will take a commission after you have been paid for the job. There are others however that require you to register with a certain fee.

Photography contests

Even though this is not a direct way of earning from photography, it can give you exposure, help you improve your skill, and help you earn money, or gifts.

Become a Medical Photographer and Boost Your Income and Health at the Same Time

Are you considering a career in photography?  Well, the good news is that you have chosen a career that is great fun, flexible and exciting since each and every day brings forth new challenges, new scenery and new faces.  The downside of photography is that it might be hard to earn a good income from this type of work no matter how good you are at it simply because there are so many competitors out there.  There are so many wildlife photographers and even more studio photographers out there.  You can find hundreds of highly skilled photographers in a single city and all of them have to be highly competitive in order to survive. Medical photography however is a photography sector that is still untapped and has even more benefits since you can also improve your general health while you learn more about the medical field.

Become a Medical Photographer and Boost Your Income and Health at the Same Time

Why choose medical photography?

More medical experts, practices, medical recruiting firms and medical organizations in need of visual content for marketing and journalistic purposes than ever before.  Medical photographs are used in media articles, social media adverts, text books and so many more places.  If you can take rare medical shots then you are bound to earn a lot of cash from photography by either selling online or by working as a freelancer for medical firms that have special photography topic requirements.  Take True Health Diagnostics for example.  This fantastic medical organization specializes in chronic condition and genetic disorders.  They have their own laboratory where these medical conditions are researched and they provide clients with tailor fit long term medical treatments that suit their personal life, their budget and their medical condition perfectly so they can enjoy the highest quality life possible.  A large medical organization like this one is frequently in need of new medical shots for their general marketing and for documenting the latest findings regarding treatments.  A medical photograph can easily earn a good income from such an organization by accessing their needs and providing them with high quality photos that they need.

The requirements for medical photography

The qualification requirements for medical photography may differ depending on the job offer and the organization.  Some organizations will prefer to employ a professional with a degree in photography or basic medical expertise while others will settle for sheer talent.  The basics you need for becoming a medical photography include the following;

  • Experience is probably a must because taking medical shots isn’t the easiest of tasks and you often have only a small timeframe to capture good shots of medical procedures.
  • You will need photography software and editing skills.
  • You will need your own high quality photography gear such as lighting equipment, camera stands, camera, lenses and much more since it is very unlikely for medical organizations to have invested in these items.
  • Medical knowledge is always a good plus point.

A profile of previous works. If you don’t have one then is time to start taking practice shots that you can use for display.

Become a Celebrity Photographer

There are many people that are making money from photography, while others do it just for the fun of it. With smartphones coming with extremely good camera’s nowadays, almost everyone has access to one. In this article, we are going to discuss how one can become a celebrity photographer, and look at a celebrity profile.

Become a Celebrity Photographer

Find a Photography Program

The first step is to get into a photography program so that you can polish on your skills. Photography in general is very wide, and there are many professionals and amateurs alike. You would want to take good photos and a few lessons couldn’t harm.

Learn how things work

Hands on experience is key, and once one has learnt the basics, they should practice, practice, practice. There are many videos online that one can watch. Learn everything about your camera. Join camera clubs in your home town. There will be a huge variety of skill levels of photographers there. Find one that matches the type of work you want to do and shadow them. Offer to assist at shoots. This is bound to get you priceless contacts along with the experience.

Get your portfolio ready

Make sure your website is on point since it will be your business face, displaying some of your works. When you contact someone, they will be checking out your work. If you want to get into celeb photography, don’t post a ton of landscapes. Make your mark with what you want to be doing by displaying celebrity photography.

Know the right people

Put yourself out there at events, particularly where there are publicists whom you can network with. Once of the best ways of getting celeb clients is simply by contacting them directly or through their PR agent. You can do a couple of selective complimentary shoots just to build your portfolio and relations. You will not regret it, especially when you are just starting out.

Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins is one of the celebrities that you might consider photographing. He was an actor in a popular television show, 7th Heaven, playing a reverend and father. More than two decades ago, he had sexual contact with underaged girls but has since been undergoing therapy in a bid to rectify things.

Collins had not planned for everything to burst into the limelight, it was because of his ex-wife after she leaked a video of him confessing during a therapy to salvage their marriage. She released the tape to TMZ, bringing everything into the public limelight. He went to therapy of his own accord, and not due to public pressure, having begun doing so before everything came into the limelight.

Collins said to Katie Couric, “I had dealt with them [the sexual incidents] very, very strongly and committedly in my private life. I think I’m a human being with flaws and I’ve done everything I can to address them.”

He added, “I deeply regret the mistakes I’ve made and any pain I caused these three women. I admit to, apologize for, and take responsibility for what I did.”

In his efforts to address his shortcomings, Stephen Collins has been very sincere. I believe that alone is reason for us to forgive and support him. He has done everything right, including not apologizing to his victims since that would have opened up old wounds that might affect their lives. He addressed these issues with the methods below:

  • Admitted to God, to himself, and to another human being the exact nature of his wrongs.
  • Made a list of all persons he had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
  • Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

Even Catherine Hicks, his “7th Heaven” TV wife, forgive him despite her previous outburst when the information first came out. She said that she has had time to think and reflect about Collin’s sex abuse secret and decided to let it go, forgive him for the indiscretion.

According to me, despite all that happened, Collins is still a celebrity and among the ones that you would want to fall into your portfolio.

Tips in Taking Photos of Your Baby

Your baby always looks adorable. This explains why you cannot seem to stop yourself from taking photos of your baby. The moment that he flashes that toothless grin, you just have to document it. You may even become annoyed when you cannot find your smartphone or your camera immediately. Before the end of the day, you have already shared countless photos of your cute baby.

Your main issue though is that all of the pictures look very amateurish which is probable if you have never taken any photography classes before. This may also be the case if you have never been good at taking pictures in general.

If you want some professional portraits of your baby taken, you should hire the right baby photographer Perth to help you out. This photographer is highly trained in order to get your baby’s best angles. You will have pictures that you would like to display at home. At the same time, a photographer will always make the most out of the time given to take photos.

Tips in Taking Photos of Your Baby

Aside from the professional portrait photos, you still need to learn some skills in photography in order to take photos of your baby in a documentary sort of way. You cannot go to the professional photographer for most of your baby’s firsts. The special moments that your baby is going to experience should be well documented by you.

Here are a few tips that will help you take better baby photos:

  1. Lighting will always help.

Even if your camera is equipped with an expensive flash system, natural light is still the best for photos. Of course, in photos, you have to find the best light as it will dramatically change the way that your photos look like.

  1. Find the right angle to shoot from.

This is particularly challenging because you know that your baby looks extremely cute in person but in pictures, the baby’s cuteness does not materialize as much as you want it to. Babies are also prone to getting some bumps, scratches and sometimes misshapen heads so finding the right angle is always crucial when taking photos. To make it easier to shoot your baby, you can do close up shots. This will always look adorable in photos. Make sure that you will not shove up your camera in your baby’s face or you might upset your little one.

  1. Photograph your baby at the best times.

Newborn babies are usually harder to take photos of because they do not smile as much as you would like. Even if you may not want to admit it, a smile will still make photographs look more appealing. Yet, there will be times when you will have moments when your baby is actually feeling pleasant and it will show through your baby’s serene expression.

One tip to remember if you want to take photographs of your baby, make sure that you always have your camera with you and it is nearby because you will never know when your baby is going to experience a special moment that you should document.

How to Make Your Home More Photo-Friendly

Studio photographs are always great but any parent will tell you that their most precious photos of their children are the images they capture as their kids do crazy and naughty things.  Catching them in action as they bounce on their beds, draw on the walls, take a cute bubble bath or wear their underwear on their heads is the type of images that puts a smile on your face and gives you a true memory of your child’s personality.  Most parents miss out on these unique moments because their home interiors aren’t camera or photo friendly.  For great indoor photographs you need great lighting and a good looking background.  It doesn’t help much to capture that unique shot of a family member if the background is going to seep all of the beauty out of a photo.  Here are a few tips to make your home a bit more photo friendly so you will be able to capture hilarious and special moments wherever they happen.

Install plenty of skylights

The lighter a studio is, the better the photos.  That is also why outdoor photographs look so much better than indoor ones.  Installing skylights in all rooms is a great way to make your entire home a lot lighter naturally.  With a skylight in each room you will use much less electricity and your home will be a lot lighter which will enable you to take brilliant shots of your kids or family members in each and every room without the image seeming pixelated.

How to Make Your Home More Photo-Friendly

Raise the ceiling

A raised ceiling is tremendously popular right now and contributes too much better photographs since there is much more room.  With a raised ceiling you can also install more skylights and much better looking ceiling lights. Kenny Roofs is one of the best roofing companies to trust for roofing transformations.  You can ask them for a quote for new roof and transform the way your photos look forever.

Get a fresh coat of paint

Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is a great way to improve the general look and feel of your home and will enable you to take great shots against any wall.

Choose your color wisely

The colors and color themes you choose for your home is tremendously important for good looking shots. Creamy, natural greys and faded or warm colors works best for terrific photographs so try to avoid any bright colors when you are remodeling a rooms.

Choose your furniture and wall decor wisely

Choose furniture that will look great in photographs.  A corner sofa with a beautiful painting in the background, for example is a great place to take family shots.

De-clutter as much as possible

There is nothing that makes a home seem messier than a lot of clutter.  Try to install as many closed cupboards in your home as possible and toss away any unnecessary cluttering items.  The wider and emptier a room seems the more focus is put on the subject in a photograph.

How to Take Better Pictures of People

You may love taking pictures but you know that taking pictures of people can be tricky. There are times when the angle that you pick out can make people look pounds heavier than they actually are. There are also some pictures that just do not tell stories. When a picture is not dramatic or appealing, then people would rather hide them.

There are a lot of people who think that taking good photographs would mean having the best camera available in order to take the photos but this is not true at all. Even if you have an old camera, as long as you have the right skills and you know the proper techniques to take photos, this will not become a problem.

There are some people who are serious about photography and they would take classes and lessons just to take amazing photos but there are times when people become too busy with the things that they have to focus on like their business that would require the help of that they would forget about the things they have learned regarding how pictures should be taken. It’s okay to do this as long as the next time that you take photographs, you will remember some of the most important tips such as the following:

How to Take Better Pictures of People

  1. Take pictures in portrait mode.

While cameras are meant to take photographs in landscape mode, taking photographs of people are usually better in portrait. This means that the photographs that you will have are usually taller than wide and it can be flattering for people that you are taking pictures of.

  1. Ask your subjects to look at or look away from the camera.

It will depend on the type of picture that you would like to get. People with striking eyes will normally get prettier shots although this is not automatic. It all depends on the angle that you are going to take. The better the angle, the more flattering it will be for your subject. When a picture is more candid, it is going to take the attention of people more. Some people cannot help but wonder what is making the person show the emotion that has been captured on camera.

  1. Look for a plain background.

If you want to make people the focal point of your picture then make sure that you have a plain background. When the background is breathtaking then people will veer away from looking at the person on your frame. Instead, they will focus on the background.

  1. The lighting will make a huge difference.

Do you realize that whenever the sun is out, you are on your way to achieving beautiful photos? You can watch the sun and where the light is coming from. Let your subject be hit by the sun’s rays correctly and you will have amazing photos that you will be glad to share with a lot of people.

With all of these tips in taking portraits of people, it will be easier for you to have amazing pictures that you would love to have and show off. You can learn more tips on taking portraits when you do ample research.

Photography Tips for Chefs and Food Bloggers

As a chef or food blogger you probably realize that the general look of your food is just as important as the taste.  Online customers aren’t lured to your restaurant by the smell of your dishes, after all.  It is critical for a chef or food blogger to be able to take fantastic photographs of all of the dishes you prepare because these photos are great for marketing your business and being able to take your own photographs will save you a heap of money especially if you are planning on creating a menu or want to create a cooking book.  The good news is that you won’t have to invest quite as much on photography gear because many food bloggers and chefs get away with using smartphones for all of their photos.

Yes, you can take amazing photographs with your phone

Food photography doesn’t require the biggest lenses or the fanciest of cameras. A modern smartphone and the right setup is all you need to take terrific shots of your dishes.  You can check out some smartphone photography tips to learn how to use your phone for the best photographs ever.

Photography Tips for Chefs and Food Bloggers

Create yourself a dedicated mini photo booth

The background of your meals is incredibly important.  No one is going to buy your food or visit your blog if it looks like you are preparing food in a cheap kitchen.  Create yourself a mini photography booth that you can use for most of your photography shots.  You can do this by using a simple cardboard box.  Line the box out with a background of your choice.  A white background or decorative paper with a vintage wood vibe can be a great idea.  You should also create a good looking stand for your foods.

Good lighting is the key

Take shots next to a window or even outside in the shade because for smartphones you need a lot of good and natural light.

Props are everything in food photography

Serviettes and fresh fruit or veggies are great food props to add to your dishes but one of the best things to add to your photos is fresh herb clippings.

Grow your own prop herbs

It might be hard to get your hands on fresh herb clippings because most chefs and food bloggers buy their herbs at a local grocer.  Growing your own mini herb garden can be a great idea because you will always have good seasoning for your food and you will always have great herb props for photography.

You can now grow herbs indoors

With a LED grow lamp you can now grow herbs inside your kitchen.  This lamp provides the herbs with all the light and wind motion they need to flourish even though they aren’t getting any natural sunlight.  LumiGrowth is a great website that you can check out for more information on these fantastic lights.  You can also check out some reviews on the website that will help you choose the best light for your kitchen.

Mariel Clayton Photography

Let’s talk about a deeply disturbed photographer. We would like to introduce you to the “art” of Mariel Clayton. And we feel that disturbed is an accurate depiction of his homicidal Barbie photo series. He has taken Barbie, Ken, and company to new heights of awful.

Maybe your kids have you shopping for the top rated Barbie dollhouses, and that’s how you ended up here. Or perhaps, you simply were looking for a “dream house” for your daughter’s iconic toy. Surely you imagined that you’d purchase something full of pink luxury. And certainly, those Barbie houses are still readily available. However, if you are sticking around here, you won’t have that nicety. Mariel Clayton obliterates the innocence that was Barbie.

polarizing image

Barbie’s a Polarizing Image Anyway

On one hand, some of us can recall Barbie as a favored toy. She offered us the ability to play with our siblings and pretend that we were adult women. Yet, she also showed us how society devalues women by creating an image of shape and size that are humanly impossible. Read this. Since Barbie’s a polarizing image anyway, it’s really no wonder that someone felt the need to take the concept far beyond the confines of class and human decency.

Barbie’s fake plastic smile always grated on our nerves, and her perfectly flowing blonde hair was equally annoying. But to see the things that Mariel Clayton has done to Barbie and her makeshift family, is to cringe in disbelief and disgust. His images are so morbid we wouldn’t even recommend you look at too many of them for fear they will have negative impacts on your brain and cause sleep disturbances. Yes, that’s how raunchy and reprehensible many of them are.

The Photographer

Mariel Clayton is a Canadian. His dark side is both twisted and disturbing. Yet, he has garnered a number of accolades for his deeply unsettling imagery. Since he’s only been serious about photography for less than five years, it is a wonder that he is receiving so much attention. Albeit, his pieces are so unnerving people must have felt an overwhelming urge to respond. Learn more.

Dolls became a focus for his photographic endeavors about two years ago. Prior to that most of his experience came from the travel industry. And, he admits that focusing his skills on dolls was mostly about the fact he found it humorous. One does have to wonder where homicidal, and sexually explicit, doll photography ever achieves the label, “funny,” but that’s how he sees it nonetheless.

When questioned about the amount of work he puts into a shoot, he claims that the minimum set design takes about five hours. This is particularly accurate in the homicidal Barbie shoots. Some of his other doll photos can take upwards of 15 hours. That’s mostly because he feels the need to make his own props and costumes for them.

He admits that there are no hidden meanings in the pictures. Instead, he includes what he’s trying to get across in the title of each image. He even has a series he refers to as Barbie Murderess shots. And, those images are without additional meanings either. Instead he hopes the viewers will interpret them in their own ways. Their reactions to his “art” is, in his mind, the best part.

We wonder if our repulsion would suit him. And, like we said previously, we don’t recommend that you view any of these atrocities, but if you simply can’t resist, here’s a link.

Dehumidifiers For Photographers

Every avid photographer needs a dehumidifier especially if they live in humid areas as humidity affects the lenses of cameras and the sharpness of photos. Having a dehumidifier is a onetime cost that will save you from many costs as the lenses needs to be cleaned by professionals. Water does not have a negative effect on the lenses but as it is released in the air in form of humid it collects impurities in the air which affects the lenses of the camera. In humid conditions, one needs a special photography skill to make sure they can still achieve sharp photos.

A humidifier works by reducing the moisture level in the air to a level below 50% so that the air is drier, fresher and less destructive. One of the common signs of high humidity in the air is the mildew musty smell and in some cases the presence of mold.  A humidifier works by drawing moisture from the air into a grill which is then taken to an evaporator which turns the air into liquid which is collected in a water tray. The remaining air can then be used to warm up the space. By sucking the moisture from the air, a dehumidifier will make sure that your camera kit is safe and your photos are crispy sharp. A basic dehumidifier contains a fan, water tray, compressor and coils.

Dehumidifiers For Photographers

Since photographer may require a dehumidifier to use in their studio, houses or closed space, a basement dehumidifier may work well as one does not need a dehumidifier to appear in their photos. A dehumidifier for the basement will cover a large floor space. It should be able to extract 100% of moisture from spaces of up to 2000 square feet.

Some of the factors to consider in choosing a dehumidifier include:

Size: The size should be in proportion of the area it is going to cover. Larger areas require bigger dehumidifiers as compared to smaller areas.

Water collecting tray: The water that is extracted from the air goes to a water collecting tray. Different dehumifiers have different sizes of trays and this is an important factor to consider if they do not want the trouble of emptying the water every time. If you plan on putting your dehumidifier in the basement, a pipe can just be connected directly to drain the water and thus a water tray is not very necessary.

Auto defrost: This is an important feature that allows a dehumidifier to remove moisture white at the same time preventing the coils from freezing.

Temperature operation: There are dehumidifiers that work best in low temperatures and there are those that work best in high temperatures and thus this is an important factor to consider.

Humidistat: This is a feature that gives you the ability to set the exact humidity level they require

Continuous drain option: There are dehumidifiers that are made with the continuous drain option that will help you to continuously remove excess moisture without having to empty the water trays.

Automatic restart: This is a feature that allows the dehumidifier to automatically restart in ta case of a power outage.

Automatic shut off: This is a feature that allows the dehumidifier to shut off automatically in case the water try is full.

Timer: This is a feature that will help you to set the dehumidifier timings and can help in saving energy.

User friendly settings: This is especially important if you have kids. The instructions should be clear and easy to understand.

User reviews: It is important to read dehumidifier reviews to get a glimpse of what other users went through with dehumidifier you want to purchase.

Best dehumidifiers in 2017

We all want the best dehumidifiers that will meet our needs well. A photographer will need a dehumidifier that will meet his needs well and will not disappoint.  For that reason the following are some of the best dehumidifiers in 2017:

Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

This is a dehumidifier that is especially made for large spaces and can cover up to 4,500 square feet. It is made with a sleek design and convenient features that can help you to put exact settings that you need. It is made with auto features that automatically turns the device on or off while at the same time can calculate the humidity levels and cycle it on and off automatically. It has a digital display that gives you easy control of the features.

Part of the main feature it has is a customized humidistat programming, fan speed and timers. It comes with a frost sensor that will prevent the coil from freezing especially in low temperatures. It has an auto restart setting that saves your preferred setting even when it is turned off or in case of a power outage. The unit is portable with a big water reservoir that can hold up to 1.3 gallons of water.

The only limitation of this dehumidifier is the fact that you cannot put a hose connection for continuous drainage.

Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 70-Pint Dehumidifier

This is the perfect dehumidifier for a basement as it is gives you proper humidity control by having programmable settings. It contains an LCD screen that will give you all the information of the unit and the settings.  It is made of high quality with energy saving feature that can help you to use for prolonged periods of time while saving on energy. Unlike other dehumidifiers, this particular one comes with a reusable filter that can trap many impurities from the air and can just be rinsed out easily. It has a frost sensor that makes it the right unit to use in low temperature environments.

The only limitation of this dehumidifier is that it is very loud and thus if you have a problem with noise then this is not your go to dehumidifier. It also does not give the option for continuous draining.

Friedrich D70BP 70-Pint

This is a dehumidifier that comes with a built in drain pump. Unlike the previous two that don’t give you an option for draining water continuously, this one gives you the option to do that by just connecting a hose pipe. Apart from having a built in drainage pump, it also contains a water reservoir for those who prefer one and it has a capacity of 16 pint to give you a lot of time between draining. It has been beautifully designed to blend in with any décor. It has controls that are located centrally for a quick set up and control. It is eco-friendly with an energy saving feature to keep your bills low.

The only limit of this dehumidifier is that fact that it is a bit pricey and also the fact that it can be hard to move around since it does not have a handle.

BLACK+DECKER BDT70WT 70-Pint Portable dehumidifier

This is the most stylish dehumidifier you will find in the market. It offers great performance and is equipped with great features at the same time it has a good price. It comes with an inbuilt pump for continuous drainage.  It also contains a reservoir that is easy to pull out and in when need arises.

Its style is the minimal design with the front part with just a small window that u can use to peep the reservoir levels. It has digital controls that make the set up very easy and everything can be set in a matter of seconds.

Unlike other dehumidifiers, this one work in a wide range of temperatures from 38 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though this dehumidifier is not energy star rated, it has a standard amount of 70 pints per day. It has a humidity gauge that can help you to set the specific humidity levels.

The main setback with this unit is the fact that it runs hotter than others and thus it might not be the best choice for use in small rooms. It also can’t be pushed against the wall since its air intake is located on the back.

  1. HI sense 70-Pint 2-Speed Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump

As the name suggests, it includes a built in ump that gives it advantage over those that don’t have. This unit is however meant for small spaces for spaces of up to a maximum of 1500 square feet.  As much as the unit gives you an option for continuous draining, if you prefer to use a water tray it has an auto shut off button that will stop the unit of the reservoir tank is full. For most HI sense devices the pump is likely to be only up to a range of ten feet.

The unit is made mainly for low temperature climates and can work well if the temperature is more than 38 degrees. For those that have a problem with noise, this is a very low noise level unit.

The limit of this dehumidifier is that there has been complains of the pump being fragile as much as the unit can work well even without the pump. The automated on and off cycles is also more frequent than it is necessary. The unit is portable but is heavier than other dehumidifiers.

Frigidaire 50-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

In the Frigidaire model range, this i s the smallest though all other features are relatively the same. The only difference is the level of moisture the unit can remove per day which in this case is the 50 pint size which makes it suitable for rooms up to 2500 square feet.

With this unit, you have the freedom to control the humidity levels through humidity controls to get what you prefer. You can set the unit cycle on and off without much effort. The unit comes with a spacious reservoir that has as plash guard and carrying handle that makes it easy to take out and dump. Unlike other dehumidifiers that have both a continuous drain option and pump, with this there is a continuous drain option but no pump included and thus one can only rely on the center of gravity for drainage.

The unit is safe for use in low temperature environments as it comes with a frost sensor that protects the coils which keeps the unit safe. The unit is energy star rated which means it is eco-friendly and will save on your bills.

The only limit for this unit is that it is very noisy.

EdgeStar 30 Pint Portable Dehumidifier – Best for RV’s

If you need a quality dehumidifier and have a small space, then this is what you need. It can only do a 30 pint moisture intake and thus may be conducive for an RV. It works well for up to 400 square feet but can do up to 1500 square feet. It is perfect for small rooms as it is energy efficient, is quiet and is small.  It is lightweight and easily portable. The unit gives you a continuous draining option and contains a hose connection while it also has a reservoir of one gallon. Apart from that, the unit also comes with convenience settings such as auto shut off, fan speed and humidity level.

Because of the design of the unit, the reservoir is prone to spillage thus one needs to empty the reservoir before it reaches its capacity. It also has an inferior filter according to international standards.

1byone 400ML Powerful Thermo-electric Dehumidifier – Best for Closets

This is a dehumidifier that is mainly meant for small spaces and can work well with closets. It is small size and lightweight weighing up to 3lbs. It is recommended to be used in spaces under 100 square feet and can remove moisture of up to 170 ml a day.

Unlike other units, this one does not use a compressor but instead uses peltier technology. Its reservoir tank despite its small size can hold up to 400ml. It also has an auto shut button that will turn off the unit if the reservoir tank is full.

Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier – Best for Small Spaces in the Home

As the name suggests, it is a mini dehumidifier mainly meant for small spaces and can remove up to ten ounces of water per day. It has a small water reservoir that is locate at the back of the unit and is easy to remove and put it back in. It made is a stylish design and is very quiet making it the perfect choice for small spaces. Its limitation however is that it cannot be used in large spaces and it also has a one fan speed.


From the choices above clearly a photographer cannot go wrong in the choice of a dehumidifier. It is a worth investment that will give you the convenience you need while practicing photography.