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Marine Life Photography Tips

As photographers, we are constantly after pictures that strongly affect the viewer. Obviously, pleasant colors, great arrangement and a decent acing of your photographic gear and strategy are basic. Be that as it may, in underwater photography – like in many other types of photography – you additionally need to take a few steps to achieve perfection. Here are some tips that will help you out:

Know Your Subject

There is always the possibility of getting lucky shots and on the off chance that you plunge with a camera regularly enough you will be able to capture exceptional moments. However, your odds to capture that perfect shot increase on the off chance that you take in more about your subjects. Some key behavior shots are reproduction (mating, bringing forth, pursuing, laying eggs, guarding eggs, incubating, settling), eating and cleaning.

So you have to know where your subject lives, what it sustains on, when and where it mates, where it lays its eggs – and what time and day it does it. Is it a cleaner? Does it get cleaned – and if so – by whom? Where is the cleaning station? These are some questions you ought to ask the dive operators and dive guides you are jumping with. You should then make a plan in view of this data, pick the fitting focal point and go shoot.

Marine Life Photography Tips

If you’re not as of yet ready to go all the way into the water and still want to take some good marine life shots, we recommend snorkeling. You’re just at the surface of the water but you can capture the essence of marine life through your camera. Head over to and pick out all the gear you need. You can find adult as well as junior sets; so purchase what best suits you and set off for your snorkeling adventure!

Read the Pattern

On the off chance that you watch fish or different creatures, their behavior and growth frequently appear to be arbitrary at first. Here it pays off to see before shooting. Watch what your fish does. Showing male fishes, angles in cleaning stations, seeking angles … they frequently take after growth patterns that you can use to support you. Figure out how to position yourself in a spot to where you know your subject will return. This won’t just help you to get the best point, yet in addition to set up your camera and strobes for this specific edge and make the picture you need. This system is unmistakably superior to swimming behind your subject and depending on whether you would be able to get that lucky shot or not.

Act Invisible

In underwater photography you generally need to be near your subject. The issue with behavior shots is the safe place of your subject. In the event that you go excessively close, they regularly quit doing what they would be doing on the off chance that you weren’t there. The key is to end up plainly invisible. Obviously, not truly… be that as it may, there are approaches to make subjects more tolerant towards you. Significantly more tolerant on the off chance that you do it right.

The primary thing is dependably to pick the correct subject. In the event that you have a decision of a few, at that point dependably go for the one in the best position as well as the one that appears to be least timid. So on the off chance that you need to be invisible to a garden eel you need to pick the one that gives you a chance to come nearest before withdrawing into his opening.

Can Political Photography Be Lucrative?

So, you love photography and you are extremely passionate about your country and about politics.  Is there perhaps a way to combine these two elements so you can start earning cash from your two passions?  Well, the competition certainly is tough because there are so many journalists lining up to catch shots of major political stories but if you are willing to be flexible and diverse then there might just be a way to earn good cash from politics.  Here are the top ideas to help you earn cash from political photographs.

Can Political Photography Be Lucrative?

Political journalistic photography

This is the most common way to earn cash through politics.  Basically you just have to stay on top of the latest political news and you have to be there at every major event so you can capture the best images.  You can sell your photos to magazines and journalists and earn a good income.

Tourism photography

A lot of political firms like the White House, for example, are a huge tourist attraction.  You can capture great looking shots and sell it online to touring companies.

Earn from campaigning politicians

Every politician that ever had to run for president, vice president or for any campaign had to have great looking photographs, influential posters and convincing images which mean that there is good cash to be made if you can become a campaigning photographer.

Earn by selling photographs online

The digital marketing world is incredibly big and there is constantly a huge demand for high quality photographs.  You can capture great photographs of flags, political events, protests, political figures and much more and sell these images online.  Marketers, businesses, political firms and more can then buy these images from you and use on them on their websites, in blog articles, for promotional content and much more.

Professional political portraits

This is probably the most lucrative but toughest way to earn from photography.  Become a portrait photographer and capture great looking shots of political figures.  Plenty of political figures are constantly in need of great looking photographs for their social media accounts, websites, self-branding and to accommodate journalistic articles.  Take Mark Dubowitz for example; All of his social media accounts is fashioned with a corporate image of himself in his usual navy suit and tie.  You will also find lots of articles, newspaper clippings and more online and not a single one of his shots are bad, out of focus or blurry.  The reason for this is so he will seem like a professional entity no matter who checks out his name online.  If you can create yourself a good name in the political photography industry and get photography gigs from major candidates and political figures then you are sure to earn good cash.

Scandals are good as gold

If you can capture a major scandal committed by a political figure then you can earn big.  Newspapers, websites and news sites are often willing to dish out a lot of cash to get proof of a new and juicy story which means that the photographer able to catch these images will be able to earn big.

The Power of Photography

They say that the power of photography is inevitable, and this is for a reason. There are so many reasons as to why photography has immense power over many things. It has the sort of power that can influence society since it actually brings about images of what is happening. Initially, it was not something that many people took up since owning a camera was a luxury. Today, however, cameras are found all over, even on our smartphones, and this means that everyone, including kids, has access to one. People are taking millions of photographs every day, and nowadays it is so easy to share them with those that we want to, since all that we have to do is to upload them onto our social media pages and share them. Alternatively, we can send them in the form of email attachments. But what are the reasons as to why you can’t ignore the power of photography? We are going to look at some of those reasons below:

The Power of Photography

Your Life in Images

With photography, anyone can capture their life in images within minutes and share on social media. These are memories that will live with them forever.


One can invite people into their life by sharing their photographs, creating new and lasting relationships.

Preserve Memories

Photographs can preserve and bring back memories that we had long forgotten. It encapsulates time and preserves memories.

Promote Business

Photography is a great way of marketing your business, whether it is photographs of your products or the business itself. Photos speak louder than words.

Document History

They are probably the best way to document history, whether it is through videos or still images. We get the actual feel of that happened then.

Universal Language

We might speak different languages across the globe, but photographs only speak one language since they are understood by everyone that can see.

Send a Message

This is the best way to send messages. Whether they are political campaigns that are flawed, biased elections or anything of the sort, photography brings out the actual message to the masses.


One can express their feelings through photography, just like they can through art and music.


Photography can be used as a medium for learning, since people, and mainly children, are more likely to learn better from it.


There are some things that we just can’t ignore, such as that sunset over the lake, or that alluring landscape. We take those shots for the beauty.

Get Ready for Election Day

I’m sure that you’re wondering where elections come in here, but just like we mentioned above, you’ll realize that photography has a great influence on the masses, and it could even influence an election. That is the same way that Philadelphia 3.0 also tries to influence elections in Philadelphia.  For example, they were trying to help influence the masses to vote in Larry Krasner on May 16th. They offer information as to where you can find your polling station so that you can volunteer as a voter. They also have the option for letting you share information about the candidate they are pushing for. This is an organization that is behind political reform in Philadelphia’s local politics, and it is made up of many stakeholders including business people.


Just the way that photography can influence things, Philadelphia 3.0 is looking to influence and bring about reforms within the local politics. This is done for the good of the mainly business people that live in the city to secure their interests.

Is Travel Photography For You?

One of the perks of choosing photography as a career is the diversity you enjoy.  You have a choice between different types of photography, different photography styles and you get to choose your own work hours and schedules.  There are quite a lot of photography types that can be incredibly lucrative. Sports photography, family photography, business photography and travel photography are all terrific options for a professional photographer but out of all of these types, traveling photography is one of the hardest to master and one of the hardest types to earn from.

Is Travel Photography For You?

What is travel photography?

Travel photography mostly falls under the tourism industry.  You will be taking lot photographs of holiday destinations, hotels, guest houses, tourist attractions, landscapes, adventures, excursions, locals, adventures, wildlife, architecture and much more. Your photography skills has to be quite diverse since you will be capturing everything from portraits to landscapes but one of the big benefits is that you will see the world.

The big question – Is it lucrative?

The biggest question you might be dealing with is whether or not travel photography is worth your while.  The touring industry is big which means that there are plenty of opportunities to make a good income if you just know where to look.  Restaurants, resorts, guest houses, spa’s and hotels are just a few of the many client possibilities you have.  You can take great looking photographs for their websites and perhaps even earn a bit extra by writing about the expedition on a travel blog.  But that is not the only way to earn cash from your travel photographs.  There are plenty of online photography sites where you can sell images.  Businesses use these images for marketing purposes and the market is once again quite diverse.  Everything from a great looking location shoot to gorgeous wildlife photographs is bound to provide you with some katjing in your pocket.

Consider the Occidental Vacation Club

Travel photographers should definitely consider joining the Occidental Vacation Club.  You can use this club to travel to different destinations much easier and affordably and you can even earn a living by working for the Occidental Vacation Club.  This holiday club has hotels, resorts and more at a lot of fantastic holiday destinations like Aruba, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico and much more all of which would be fantastic for getting terrific travel photographs.

So what is the downside?

So is there a downside to travel photography?  With the promise of traveling, money and the opportunity to pursue a passion it certainly doesn’t sound like it, right?  Well, there are two major disadvantages.

The first disadvantage is that traveling can get in the way of relationships, family and life.  When you are living a life on the go it is hard to stick to certain obligations and to stay in touch with families.

The second disadvantage is that it can be tough to get your name out there.  Making a success out of your photography job won’t be easy and the startup expense for your traveling will have to come out of your own pocket.

How to Take Photos of Political Events

Pictures are meant to preserve memories. Looking at one picture will help you remember a particular time in your life and it will help you reminisce about the things that have occurred. There are some pictures that show important events in your life but there are also some that show war, fights and even other negative issues that people would rather forget.

There are a lot of political events that have been photographed so many times. A lot of the pictures tell a story and simply by looking at the photograph, some people will remember moments so vividly that it can be enough to give them goosebumps. You would like to learn how to take photos of political events too but you do not know how.

How to Take Photos of Political Events

The first thing that you need to do is to become updated with the political events that are happening in your area. If you do not know where to start looking, you can check out Foundation for Defense of Democracies. You will see a lot of details there that will give you an idea what upcoming events you have to be present in, in order to take great photos.

Here are some more tips that will help you in taking photos of political events:

  1. Make sure that you are at the right spot at the right time.

There are times when you would arrive at the venue on time but because you do not know exactly where the people you are going to take photos of are located. Having information about this can be very helpful because you can be at the right spot at exactly the right time. It will be easier for you to take great photos this way.

  1. Have the right equipment.

Since you are going to be at a political event, you cannot expect to bring a whole lot of people with you. There is a possibility that things are going to get nasty so you do not want to risk the lives of others. When you have the right equipment, the photos you are going to take will still look amazing.

  1. Be patient.

You may be tempted to just take a few random photos and call them “political photos” because they are taken at political events after all but you should not do this. In order to get the perfect shot, the picture that will make people stop and stare, you have to be patient. It is going to happen but you have to wait.

  1. The best photos are the candid ones.

This is when you can catch people in their realest moments. There are a lot of people who can smile at the camera and show that they are sincere and happy but it is how they carry themselves when they think no one is looking that will show the real them. If you would have the ability to take candid photos, you know that you can get great shots.

Are there are some more tips that you think you can use to capture great photos? Feel free to share your own advice below.

Tips to Take Better Photos of Your Dog

When it comes to photography, the photo is only as good as the photographer. Okay, that may not always be the case, but the photographer plays a vital role in how a photo turns out. We have a few tips for you to improve the way you take photos of your dog or any other pet.


Know your equipment


You don’t need to go out and get a high-end camera to take photos. You can do so with a decent DSLR that won’t have you digging into your savings. Make sure you get a wide-angle lens with it so that when you plan on taking photographs of your dog playing, you can easily capture the whole scenery.


When it comes to editing photos, you can use Adobe Photoshop, which is fairly easy to use. There are numerous tutorials online, if you do not already know how to use it. It is one of those softwares where you can easily play around and learn yourself.


Know when to take a photo


Getting your dog’s attention and having them sit for a photo is not easy. Well, it can be if you have an obedient dog, otherwise you will need to be patient. You can call your dog’s name and gauge if he or she is in the mood for a photo session, if not then you should probably do it at another time.


You can even give your dog food for puppies or any other kind of treat in order to get their attention and treat them after the shoot also.


Getting your dog to smile


In order to get your dog to smile you may need to play around with it. You can have it chase you around the yard, your house, or play fetch with it. Just getting the dog active for 5-10 minutes should be enough to have it grinning and flashing a wonderful smile for your photos.


Faster shutter speed


When outdoor and looking to catch your dog in action, it is recommended that you increase the shutter speed. This is a fantastic technique especially when there is a lot of natural light. If there is limited lighting then we do not recommend this as the faster shutter speed captures less light.


Edit your photos


When you have captured the photo be sure to process it afterwards. Play around in Photoshop, if you aren’t that well-versed in it then the software also has its auto adjustment settings which can improve the photos for you.


Animal photography over all is on a rise. Now that everyone has a decent camera on their phone. You can easily just click away and capture your dog as it plays in your yard. With our tips, you can make sure all the pictures you take of your dog are Instagram or Facebook worthy.

Tips to Becoming a Fashion Photographer

When it comes to making a career, you need to dedicate a lot of time, effort, and be persistent to achieve what you want. Especially if you want to be a photographer of any kind. These days almost everyone has access to a decent camera and clicks away thinking of themselves as professional photographers. These tips will help you stand apart from them and actually have you on your way to being a professional fashion photographer.

Have a collection of your work

You need to showcase your talent in order to land work. So you need to start off by creating a portfolio. Having photos printed or storing them digitally is not enough anymore. You need to utilize technology to get a wider reach, make a website for yourself. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money on it, there are numerous website platforms like and WordPress that allow you to create website free of cost. This is a wonderful option for beginners and as you establish your name in the market you can look to get a custom website design.

Be sure when you do make a website that you constantly updating it. You should also have a portfolio that showcases your talent overall, so there should be ranges of different types of photos so they get a feel of exactly what you can offer them.

Tips to Becoming a Fashion Photographer

Print photo books

Having a hard copy of your work is also important. You can easily pass out photo books which will have your best work in it along with contact details. This way people can easily access your work and contact you. You don’t have to have an elaborate photo book. Pick your best 15-20 shots (4 by 5 inches) and have them displayed in a nice manner.

You can have more than one photo book, you can have one for jewellery that can have diamonds carved by the likes of Moti Ferder while another can be for shoes like Jimmy Choo’s or any type of clothing. This will allow you to target specific markets within fashion.

Build your name, work for free

If you don’t have access to making a great portfolio on your own, there is a chance you may have to work for free at first. This will allow you to build a proper portfolio while also get yourself acquainted with models and shooting atmosphere. You can ask aspiring models to help you. Most of them will be more than willing to get an up and coming photographer take photos of them and build their portfolio also.

Market yourself properly

When it comes to photography, social media is an excellent way to market yourself. It is almost as important as having a website. Be sure to have a page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on to get yourself out there and allow people to have access to you and your work. Not only that, you can also market yourself by looking at local art galleries and hold exhibitions there so you can allow people to see your work.

When it comes to starting a career you need to be persistent. Careers aren’t made overnight, there will be times where you may feel like quitting. Just remember to be persistent and remind yourself that this is something you love and want. Only then will you be able to succeed.

Choose Public Health Photography As A Career and Increase Your Income

Everyone keeps on struggling to improve living standard, and that only comes with high income. It is thought that adopting photography as a profession is never a good decision as it does not help you earn a lot. Folks usually think that photography is just good enough to be taken as a hobby. All these opinions discourage those who have a strong passion for photography.

However, all these negative opinions have been proved wrong by several professionals these days. Some men and women have taken their passion for photography to an expert level and have attained huge success. In addition to that, these passionate photographers have discovered various and creative fields of photography. One of the newly discovered fields is the use of photography for the promotion of awareness of public health. Read on, and you will see how:

Choose Public Health Photography As A Career and Increase Your Income

  • Photography can influence massively:

Photography is not just a passion; it is a tool which has the power to influence people’s minds, change the way they think and the way they perceive things. If talented photographers correctly use their skills, they can do the same. As in saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words.” It is true as generally people do not like to read much about a specific topic, but everyone looks at a picture and is intrigued by the message provided by the picture.

This attribute of photography is particularly vital in the field of public health. Photographers who are interested in this niche, should not only make people and government aware of the status of public health but should also inform them about any improvement in this sector by the use of their skills.

  • Role as a public health photographer:

Being a public health photographer would make you a source of inspiration and awareness to the common people. People will become more aware of the significance of having a healthy life as a consequence of your photographs. In addition to that, individuals will realize the importance of leading a healthy life and being prepared for the occurrence of an unforeseen disease in the future both financially and mentally. The best solution to this problem is healthcare insurance.

It is understandable that finding a suitable and affordable healthcare insurance is not an easy task and the thought of finding one might intimidate some people but you don’t have to worry anymore. We have made things easy for you, fill out some information and this website will provide you with quotes from some of the best insurance companies’ available including Alliance and Associates. It entails accidental expense insurance, group health insurance, Medicare insurance and dental insurance. Furthermore, this website comprises of some tips for you to assist you in finding one of the best healthcare insurance that fits your requirements perfectly.

Moreover, if you can attract the attention of concerning individuals to the domain of public health by using the power of your skills and photographs, you won’t only be getting famous and start earning, but you will also be doing a very noble task. Therefore, if you have a passion for this niche of photography, you must go for it thinking about yourself as well as the people of your area. A famous quote goes like ‘if you follow your passion, success will follow you.’ This quote can be very well implemented in this particular situation. Thus, fasten your seatbelts and set out on the mission to follow your dreams with the purpose of helping folks using your passion at the same time.

The Art to Getting the Perfect Photograph Backgrounds

A lot of what makes a photo look good or bad is the background of the photo. If you’re learning how to figure out photograph backgrounds, read below to increase your knowledge.

  1. Check your Background Before Hitting the Shutter Release

Alright – this system isn’t advanced science, in reality you’d think it nearly goes without saying – yet shockingly it doesn’t and huge numbers of the slip-ups that we find in photos could have been avoided easily by checking the background before taking the shot and making some kind of sly move.

Continuously filter the background of your shots before making a go. Search for colors that don’t fit with the rest of the picture, bright patches that may occupy the eye, lines that conflict, individuals that don’t have a place and so forth.

  1. Move Your Subject

This is by and by a genuinely basic method however is presumably the primary thing you ought to consider. Regularly requesting that a picture subject make a move to one side or right will settle things either by putting the distraction behind them or by putting it out of frame.

The Art to Getting the Perfect Photograph Backgrounds

The Art to Getting the Perfect Photograph Backgrounds

  1. Change your Shooting Angle

In the event that you have diverting components out of sight of a shot yet can’t move your subject another trick is to move yourself and shoot from another point. This may mean pivoting around your subject yet could likewise incorporate getting down low to make the sky the background or notwithstanding getting up high and shooting down onto your subject to make the background the ground.

Shooting from somewhat higher than your subject makes the ground the background which wipes out any distractions over the skyline. Shooting from marginally higher than your subject makes the ground the background which dispenses with any distractions over the skyline.

This involves creating your own background by placing or removing items from the background and adjusting the background accordingly. There are various cool decorating ideas you can make use of such as hanging contemporary and cool looking wall art in the background to give an artsy vibe to the photo. Wall art can especially be used in the background for fashion photo shoots.

  1. Utilizing Aperture to Blur Backgrounds

A standout amongst the most valuable things to learn as an approach to battle distractions in backgrounds (and forefronts) is to utilize the energy of your focal point to toss the background out of center utilizing depth of field. What you’re attempting to accomplish with this method is a decent obscured background where you can’t generally make out what’s happening there.

The most effortless approach to do this is to utilize a wide aperture (the smaller the number the more extensive the opening). The more extensive your aperture the hazier your experience ought to turn into.

The fastest approach to see the effect of this procedure is to switch your camera into aperture mode and to take various shots at various speeds. Begin with an aperture of f/20 and work your way down – one stop at any given moment. When you get down to under f/4 you’ll begin seeing the background in your shots getting blurrier and blurrier.

  1. Utilizing Focal Length to Blur Backgrounds

Another approach to help get your experiences pleasant and foggy is to utilize a focal point with a long central length. Longer tele-photo does help a little to get smaller depth of field (despite the fact that the sum is not as much as many think). In reality, the effect is smaller than it appears and the principle purpose behind the change is that with a more drawn out central length the subject really consumes up more room in the frame.

Easy Ways to Market Your Photography

Every avid photographer knows that at some point they will have to do marketing of their photography so that other people can get to know about their work. There are many ways that can be used to market photography, using the right method will ensure that you achieve success as a photographer. You should however keep in mind that whatever photo marketplace you choose, you have to first learn how to take great photos to be a successful photographer. With the right photography skills, the following are some of the ways you can market your photography:

Easy Ways to Market Your Photography

Google business listing

Google business listing is a very important avenue through which you can get customers. All you need to do is to create a profile and if possible add some photos as well. One when needs to give you reviews they can give you there. Being on Google business listings will make sure that you show up on search results if potential clients are looking for a customer.

Social media marketing

Right now, social media marketing is a powerful tool that is used by businesses to drive up sales. With the right strategy, you should be able to dive up sales. You can post relevant content and right photos. You can also opt for sponsored postings or for your posts to be features to even attract more potential customers.

Have a great website

As an aspiring successful photographer, you have to have a well-made website. People will use the website to make judgment of you. You can improve your Google rankings by updating content often to attract the right customers.

Offer referral bonuses

One of the most successful ways of marketing your photography work is through word of mouth.  To make sure that it is even more successful, make sure you offer great services and ask you clients to refer you to family and friends for a reward. Your clients will be more excited to refer you if there are incentives attached to it.

Build your networks

It is important to build as much networks as possible if you want to succeed in any business. Your network is your net worth and every network you make is a potential customer. Get involved with other professionals you are in the same field.

Run a contest/promotion

A strategic contest or promotion is an easy way of getting many people to know about your services in a short time. With the current trend, it is better to do the contest on social media. You should however be strategic with your contest as if it’s too long it can make you suffer losses.

Get featured on photo blogs

Being featured in other related blogs will make clients to discover you and know about you.

Give back to the community

This may be through shooting for charity. You can offer to shoot a charity event for free and through the event get to network with potential customers. You can also ask organizers of the even to refer you which may bring in new business for you.