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Water & Marine Life Photography Tips

Water is a lovely subject to photograph. It can be as dramatic as a waterfall, as simple as a fountain, immense like the sea, or only a relaxing and energizing lake. Whatever the source, it can be an inspiration for you to photograph. On the off chance that you are charmed with capturing water, here are a couple of tips you can use to improve your photography, both outside and inside water.

Water & Marine Life Photography Tips

Water & Marine Life Photography Tips

Capture Motion

Right off the bat, consider what you need to pass on and how to add that trademark to the shot. This might be as straightforward as picking the correct shutter speed. A quick shutter speed solidifies movement and functions admirably to crash waves to demonstrate the action of a sea. Now and again when utilizing quicker shutter speeds, your camera may demonstrate that you are getting inadequate light – this is the place changing your ISO can prove to be useful. When utilizing ISO of 1/500th or more, timing is key for staggering shots.

On the contrary side of fast shutter capture are long exposures. On the off chance that you need to demonstrate more noteworthy movement or get that luxurious impact, slowing down your shutter speed gives you that cool impact. A couple of key things; go for a presentation in the vicinity of 0.5 and 10 seconds which implies that your camera should be completely still. Sunset and day break are awesome times for long exposures yet there is no compelling reason to restrict yourself to these times of day on the off chance that you have a neutral density filter.


Water is a natural mirror. Search out reflections and arrange them. Is the reflection enhancing your picture or diverting from it? In the last case, move around a bit to kill reflections where possible or come back to your area when the sun is at a different angle. A polarizing filter can help dispense with a portion of the reflections and give you pleasant differentiation.

Reflections can likewise add to a picture and are utilized a lot where water is quiet and still. That being stated, ripples can likewise be intriguing as they include surface and impact. There are likewise dynamic reflections that look extraordinary in moving water, for example, the lights of a cityscape.

With reflections you can go for a symmetrical piece or not, contingent upon what you need to depict. You can even simply shoot the water reflection and not simply the subject; the outcomes are simply impressive.

If you’re more interested in what’s inside the water instead of what’s above it, you can opt to go onto the surface of water and maybe capture some interesting marine life. Look into cozumel snorkeling excursions and take your pick. Once you have chosen an activity or tour that you like, grab your waterproof camera and stick it inside to capture some stunning marine life, up and close. You’ll have various options to choose from, so make sure you pick an excursion that best suits your photography adventure.

Tips for Taking Amazing Photos from Your Bike

It is quite easy to take a great looking photo of your bike.  Just prop it against a good backdrop and snap away or get someone to pose on the bike for you.  You will immediately be able to take glorious photographs that will stun any biking group or mountain biking group.  The real challenge comes in when you have to take photographs from your bike, meaning take great outward photographs wile biking.

Tips for Taking Amazing Photos from Your Bike

Why would you like to take photos from a bike?

Well there might be several reasons. For one thing some of the best landscapes and most beautiful places cannot be reached by vehicle.  A bike often means freedom to photographers because you can explore into unknown destinations where you can snap glorious photographs of all types of uncommon scenes, creatures and creditors.  Another good reason to take photos off your bike is for the glory of emphasizing the fun you are having while enjoying mountain biking or while taking on tough routes.

Good bike maintenance is important

The most important tip of all is to do proper maintenance on your bike before you storm off into the wild.  Give your bike a good clean and do the proper repairs before you go.  One of the things that can affect your biking photography session the most is your pedals.  It is important to get the right pedals for your bike so you won’t slam down head first into the dirt when the paddle somehow sticks. is a superb site to check out for all the best info on bikes and biking gear and the site will give superb guidance as to which pedals to buy.  It is also important to check your breaks and tires especially if you are planning on ascending to incredible heights for breathtaking shots.

Capture your journey

A good tip for taking photos from your bike is to capture the journey.  Stop and capture the road.  Take a snap of your bike beside the road while you take a rest.  Capture the beauty that lies ahead.

Create a major focus point

For superb biking photos you should have a major focus point.  This is your major reason for taking on the journey.  Do you bike to lose weight?  Then perhaps a sweaty selfie could be good.  Are you looking for an amazing adventure?  Then capture what you have conquered.

Be careful with your gear

Biking accidents can be terrible for your body and especially for your camera gear.  Keep camera gear in a good quality camera bag if you are traveling by bike.

Get some action shots

A picture of your legs paddling away with a high speed backdrop can be fantastic for emphasizing your journey and is a superb action photo for your adventure collection.

Capture your homecoming

People always remember to capture all the major highlights of an adventure like biking but they always forget to capture the ending.  If you are looking for a good storyline for your biking photo expedition then capturing your homecoming could be a superb finish.

Ways to Look More Photogenic

People love taking good photographs of themselves, which is partly the reason why the selfie camera on smartphones has become such an important factor when choosing a smartphone. There are tricks as to how people can look better when taking photographs, and those are what we are going to discuss in this article.

Ways to Look More Photogenic

Shoot a lot, only keep a few

Take as many photographs as you can from different angles and while doing different things, and keep the best shots. Professionals only keep between 1-10% of photos they take.

Posture and angles

Go for postures and angles that work best such as elongating necks, tilting chins, leaning slightly towards the cameras, angling your faces, the list is endless. The lens should always be above the photographer if they are shorter than you.

Facial expressions

Smiling and laughing are important components of photography. Keep the eyes trained slightly above the lens, try out several facial expressions, and try to avoid those “say cheese” fake smiles because they look fake.


Try and keep them engaged, or do something unexpected with them. Try looking at the light source since it might create a sparkle, adding life into them.

What you are wearing

Go for colors and patterns that work for you. Using crazy colors and patterns could distract the photo. Make sure that clothes are straightened or ironed or else they could bunch up and look oversized or baggy.


This is a very important factor and it refers to hair, teeth, the skin, eyes, and many more. Use eye drops to whiten red eyes, and brush your teeth. Get rid of unnecessary facial hair and ensure that the hair is well kempt.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal at Home: Top 5 Devices

Beauty is an important factor when it comes to photography, and that is what brings us to our next point, hair removal. Removing unwanted hair from the body is important for many people, and lately, Brazilian laser hair removal has gained popularity since it is safe, painless, and highly effective. We are going to look at some of the top devices when it comes to Brazilian hair removal, based on

Silk’n SN-008 Flash & Go All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device

This is a compact cordless machine that is easy and comfortable when using. The FDA has clinically tested and approved it for use on the whole body. It comes with an instructional DVD for those that aren’t sure how to use it. When used the right way, the results are lasting. This device isn’t suitable for dark or heavily tanned skin, and it comes with a complexion sensor to monitor that. Results start showing after four treatments, and it is highly recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System

This is a super simple to use machine that gives gentle but effective results for removal of bikini hair, with results visible after four treatments. This device is FDA tested and approved, and was designed in conjunction with top dermatologists. Eye protection is recommended when using this device.

Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001 Intense Pulsed Light Body Only Hair Removal System

This device comes with Gillette’s has a long history of expertise in hair removal. It is easy on the skin but the results are fast and long lasting. It has been extensively tested clinically and even comes with SensoAdapt technology that continuously measures skin tone, adjusting the pulses of the device for the best results. It also comes without extra costs for additional cartridges and gels.

CosBeauty IPL Permanent Hair Removal System

This is a clinically proven and FDA approved device that accurately melanin within the individual hair follicles to permanently slow or stop the regrowth of unwanted body hair. It features five different intensity settings and an in-built skin tone sensor. It isn’t suitable for heavily tanned or dark skin.

BoSidin Pro Light-Based Face and Body IPL Hair Removal System for Home Use

This unit comes with SHINE baldheaded technology, using a quality quartz lamp with an integrated UV filter and several filters. It comes with protective glasses and offers 5 intensity settings. For a whitening and smooth finish, this hair remover comes with a Yellow Tender Lamp. Treatment is visible after five treatments with long term results after seven to nine sessions.


Using the hair removal devices mentioned above could be what you need in order for you to become photogenic. Removing the excess hair on your body makes you look a lot more beautiful, even in the bikini areas.

How to Look Good in Headshots

You need a headshot for different reasons and even though you try your best to prepare for it, you are not given any advice about what you should do. The headshot is something you can use to market yourself effectively and if you do not look good in it, you will find it harder to book jobs or at least to sell what you can offer.

It helps if you will naturally look pleasing to the eye. You can take good care of your skin by making sure that your skin is constantly hydrated and clear. I would recommend my local hydrafacial in Perth so that you can also achieve the good and smooth skin you have always wanted. One session alone will allow you to see the effects immediately but you need more than one session to truly improve the skin on your face.


Aside from having great skin and perhaps wearing the right makeup before you take your headshot, here are still some other tips that you need to remember:

  • If you can afford it, allow a professional to do the headshots for you. It will make a lot of difference because the professional can look for your best angles to make you look more visually appealing in photos.
  • Allow the pictures to still look like you. You know that you can look amazing in pictures but only if you would be yourself. You may want to have an airbrush makeup or you have instructed the professional to erase all of your wrinkles but people will be terribly disappointed when they see you in person because they expected someone else. Allow your photo to still look natural. It will make a lot of difference.
  • Place a lot of emotions on your eyes. If you want the picture to look amazing, you need to make a lot of effort with the use of your eyes. Allow your eyes to stay focused and it should be energized enough to make people take a second look at your photograph.
  • Your background will make a lot of difference. A lot of people would choose to have a plain white background for their headshots because it will make them stand out. If you would choose a darker background, expect that it is not going to turn out as great as you thought it would. Having headshots with a “natural setting” background is possible too. Choosing the natural background is more ideal if you think that natural light makes you look better.
  • Keep your clothing and your props classy. There are some people who go overboard with the headshots. They normally use various items that will make them stand out from the rest but will this be ideal if you are searching for a professional job? Wear normal clothes and allow your appearance to make you stand out.

One bonus tip to remember: do not go overboard with the makeup that you are going to use. Makeup has the power to transform your appearance and if you change your overall look so much, this can be a bit problematic for you.

Wildlife Photography Tips

Are you into wildlife photography? If you are, we’ve got a great line-up of awesome tips and tricks for you. Read below!

Wildlife Photography Tips


A camera with interchangeable lens is ideal however you can utilize a compact with a long zoom as well. In case you’re utilizing a camera the can utilize various lens bring a longer lens with you so you can work from a distance that doesn’t make the animal feel awkward. Be that as it may, you may escape with utilizing a shorter lens in case you’re going to a zoo or are taking photographs of ducks and different winged animals in your neighborhood stop. In the event that you need to shoot into the sun a lens hood will shade your lens and a monopod or beanbag will help keep your camera stable.

Where to Go?

You can discover data on natural reserves and different areas where wild life can be found on the internet on sites, for example, those keep running by the Wildlife Trust and RSPB. You’ll have the capacity to discover what reserves are close you and furthermore what wild life you can hope to see. In the event that you need to photo more extraordinary animals visit a zoo where there will be a lot of chances to shoot natural life shots. If you’re going into the wild such as in the forest or on a mountain to get some authentic wild life shots, it is recommended that you carry a large survival backpack with you. This backpack ought to be strong, reliable and durable. It can be filled with all your essentials. We recommend getting a waterproof one so that it remains protected even when it starts to rain and you have nowhere to go. Petting zoos/kids’ ranches and butterfly houses are two more areas where you’ll have the capacity to draw near to your subjects. Numerous creatures are more dynamic amid the morning or late evening while around twelve, especially if it’s a warm day, they have a tendency to rest so remember this when you’re planning your day.


With regards to nature reserves, you can go one day and wind up with nothing and return a couple of days after the fact to discover the water’s overflowing with wild life. The same can be said for zoos as well, a truly bustling day can mean you’re battling to draw near to the creatures and wind up with rarely any shots or the creatures may all stow away inside. Obviously you can’t control this so you simply need to keep your fingers-crossed and attempt one more day in case you’re unsuccessful. Getting your camera out too rapidly can startle the creature you’re capturing as well and they can choose not to return for quite a while. Thus, to stop this incident, get your gear out and simply watch until the point that they’re used to you and at that point take your photographs. Try not to appear too intimidating and avoid making any sudden and loud movements.


Magnificently sunny days may appear to be ideal conditions for a visit to the zoo however the light is frequently too splendid and can cause profound, brutal shadows. Flash can fill in the shadows however as this can frighten creatures using it is frequently not suggested. In case you’re at a zoo, where you’ve paid to get in, it merits checking what you may or may not be able to at the passage on your way in. A slight covering of cloud, as long as it’s not down-pouring, gives you the ideal conditions to shoot some wild life shots.

10 Tips for Fantastic Mountain Photographs

Fantastic photos don’t just happen.  They are planned, photographers work hard for them and the journey to getting the perfect shot often isn’t cheap.  But the right shot can make a world of difference in your reputation as a photographer and especially in the feeling of fulfillment when it comes to achieving greatness in your career.  Mountain photography is one of the more challenging landscape shots to include on your photography bucket list because these mountain ranges are a lot harder to ascend, there are a lot of unforeseen circumstances that happens all the time and the journey to the right spot is a lot tougher.  Hopefully these 10 tips will help you get that fantastic shot you have always hoped for:

10 Tips for Fantastic Mountain Photographs

  1. Go beyond vehicle trails

If you want a shot that is different, unique and priceless then you shouldn’t capture photos from the same spot as others.  Go beyond vehicle trails and include hiking expeditions in your trip so you will have plenty of time to wait for the right lighting and to scout for the best angles.  Of course you will need some hiking gear to go beyond the trails and to keep yourself and your camera dry and safe during the night.  On you can check out the best hiking tents and other hiking gear that will help you on your journey to ascend mountains and get breathtaking shots.

  1. Plan ahead

It helps to plan ahead because that way you can include the right gear in your backpack and you will know where to scout for the most scenic locations at the right time.

  1. Anticipate lighting

A photographer doesn’t need to be lectured on the importance of lighting.  The mountains are however hard to anticipate because there are so many parts that can get engulfed in dark shadows.  Plan your direction and timing with lighting anticipation in mind.

  1. Don’t miss the golden hour

The golden hour is around sunrise or sunset where just the tips of mountain ranges catch the light and this moment should definitely form part of your mountain range shoot.

  1. Include foreground for a complete image

It could be good if you can capture a bit of natural landscaping in your shot of the mountain.  These foreground usually forms great contrast between different vegetation’s can provide and interesting composition.

  1. Include people for scale

It can be hard to showcase scale when you capture something as huge as a mountain.  Use your friends to create glory and wonderment.

  1. Water is always a good idea

Is there a lake next to the mountain?  Well then you should definitely include water in your composition.

  1. Travel light

Take along little and light gear.  A lightweight tripod, minimalist gear in your backpack and smart outfits all can help you get the right shot.

  1. Go beyond popular

Most popular photographers tend to stick to certain iconic shots.  Instead of capturing images that have been captured before, go beyond the popular and look for another angle or another view to show the world.

  1. Have fun

Of course you should also have some fun on your expedition.  Fun is what makes photography worth your while.

Tips for Amazing Fishing Photos

Looking for something adventurous to photograph?  A fishing trip is the perfect solution.  Fishing trips go hand in hand with plenty of scenic shots, adventure shots, action shots and trophy shots.  These trips are the perfect opportunity to get good photography practice and to try out new angles and new ideas.  And hopefully the following tips will help you capture amazing fishing shots.

Tips for Amazing Fishing Photos

No catch means no glory

Some photographers are multi-skilled some are not.  It is perfectly fine not to be the world’s best fishermen but what is not ok is going on a fishing photography expedition – without catching any fish.  There has to be at least something to show.  To get the right catch you will of course need the right fishing gear.  Good fishing gear also makes the fishermen look a lot more credible on your shots. You will need a good fishing rod, a good fishing reel, hooks and sinkers, bait and a good fishing outfit to accommodate you on your trip and to help you actually get that fish.

Hold that fish for photos

Holding the fish for a pose shot is quite hard but is a must for a great photograph series finale.  Holding the fish however isn’t quite as simple as it might seem.  Fish are slippery and it might take a bit of practice before your subject gets the right hold and the right poses but it will be worth your extra waiting time.

Capture the gear

Don’t just capture your landscapes and faces.  It could be nice to see what gear you used on your fishing expedition as well.

Fishing silhouettes are superb!

Wait until the golden hour and capture an image of the silhouette of the fishermen and his fishing rod against the shiny waters.  Fishing silhouettes are beautiful, interesting and great for online sales.

Don’t miss out on action shots

Action shots are great photography practice and they make these trips seem much more adventurous.  Remember to capture action shots of casting, catching, baiting and any other action shot you can work in.

Snacks and beverages

A shot or two of your drinks and snacks can also create a story for your photo series and can be an interesting find when you are looking back on old adventure shoots.

Portraits are always great

The outdoors and shoreline is the perfect shot to get some terrific portrait images of friends and family members.  It is always great to see exactly what people looked like during these trips and natural fishing portraits can be a good way to bring reality into your images.


Of course you need a few landscape shots of the fishing waters, river shores, gorgeous sunsets or whatever else may be interesting.  Landscape shots are always great to recall exactly what your fishing spot looked like.

Work with natural sunlight

Sunlight is hard to work with but can be a great ally when it comes to creating interesting and unique fishing shots.  Try to capture sunbeams on interesting angles so your fishy photos can shine.

How to Capture The Natural Beauty of A Person While Doing Their Photoshoot?

A photoshoot mostly involves a lot of artificial lighting, makeup, and poses. Most of the things about a photoshoot are not natural. However, people are now looking for photographers who try to capture the natural beauty of a person. If you are an individual who has had enough of the artificialness of photos, you need to look for someone who is willing to work with your natural beauty. As a photographer, you need to learn ways to capture individuals in their most real and raw form. A natural picture is a thousand times better than one of the made-up ones.

How to Capture The Natural Beauty of A Person While Doing Their Photoshoot?

  • Use Basic Lighting

Use of excessive lighting can destroy the natural look of an image and turn it into something which is entirely different from what can be seen by the naked eye. While using good lighting is important, it is advisable that you stick to the more natural sources of light that will allow you to concentrate on the features of the person you are trying to capture. You must use lights which do not change the color of the background or the overall situation. It is hard to learn this art, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize that the picture quality improves when you use simple lighting. The reality is captured as it is and nothing is more beautiful than that.

  • Dial Down The Makeup

Do not use a lot of makeup when you are getting your photoshoot done. The website gives you a lot of tricks and tips to maintain your natural beauty. The creators believe that natural beauty is enough for a person and if proper care is taken, this beauty will last for a long time. This website also gives you a lot of ideas on how to look after your skin. They have a separate area where they discuss the benefits of face masks and how they have enriched the lives of so many women. In photo shoots, the focus is mostly on the face of the person. That is why if you are thinking to get a proper photoshoot done, you need start using a face mask immediately. You can buy countless types of masks from anywhere you want. They are readily available at stores and outlets. The key is to read the instructions and follow them very carefully to achieve the best results.

  • Light Backgrounds

It has been proven that strong colored backgrounds often destroy the focus from the person and take it in the background. If you want to capture the natural beauty of someone, you need to keep the background light so that everyone has eyes only on the individual in the picture. Of course, you should take into account the clients own personal preference, but for a more natural look, the client should be in focus. Use colors which blend in well. You might have to experiment here and there to achieve the perfect look, but the end product will be so much better.

  • Do Not Over Accessorize

Adding accessories to a photograph is not a bad idea as long as it does not take over the whole picture. For more natural looks, you must keep the picture simple. The image that you are trying to capture should focus on the person only. Even jewelry can be an accessory that will divert people’s attention and make the picture look artificial. You have to keep a check on all these things because any one of them can be a trigger. A natural image is a simple photo with more focus on the person being captured than on the background.

How To Make Progress in Your Travel Photography

With the increase in travel packages and the need for great travel photographs, traveling photography is becoming a highly demanded profession. Folks from all around the world are adopting this profession, and they are learning new ways to become the best in this field. This type of photography is not a simple task. It requires focus, practice, and most significantly the right equipment. Not everyone can become a travel photographer.

How To Make Progress in Your Travel Photography

You must be ready to face some serious hurdles and failures. Chances are your first set of trips would result in just average pictures. Nevertheless, do not worry; here are some tips to make your travel photography better:

Learn To Aim and Shoot within Seconds

Nature does not wait for anyone. As a travel photographer, you should know you will have to capture a lot of this nature. Whether it is the people of the area, the sites, the wildlife or the landscape, you must know how to capture the moments in a matter of seconds. There are no second chances.

To become better at capturing these serene sites you have to concentrate on focusing and shooting. It is okay if your ISO settings are not up to the mark or your other lens might be a better choice for this particular scene, you just require to focus and freeze that image. Always take two three pictures of the same thing.

Use Travel Tripods

The best travel tripods are always light in weight and easy to carry around. Most photographers already know the benefits of using tripods. Still, several do not experiment with these when it comes to traveling. The reason is that tripods can be quite heavy and are extra luggage one can do without.

However, there are a few good tripods that you can use while you are traveling. These portable items give you more stable pictures and focused results. Various companies produce different styles of tripods. Depending on where you travel more, you can check the light weighted ones which have a taller height and a reasonable price. Do your research before going to the market to buy a new travel tripod. There is a lot you can learn from the product reviews.

Take Risks

To become the best in this field, you have to be willing to take risks. A simple travel photograph will not be enough to make it into the big names. You should be ready to face challenges. By ready means both physically and mentally. There are numerous beautiful places and people hidden behind small village walls; you need to be able to capture them. You might face conversation difficulties or cultural differences, but you have to overcome them to capture the real photos. It requires mental strength. Be prepared for these kinds of things beforehand. If you are traveling to hilly regions, prepare yourself physically for the harsh terrain. The scene from the top of the hill will be worth the effort.

Interact With the People

This tip will not directly be about improving the quality of your photos, but it is one which has brought a significant difference in photographs. Interaction with the local people is vital if you want brilliant pictures. Once they are satisfied with you, they not only eagerly want their pictures to be taken; they will also show you the real side of their culture and their traditions.

Being a travel photographer, this is the most imperative thing for you. Your photography should show the world the truth. Your lens could have the honor of this revelation if you talk to the people you are capturing.

Preparing for Your Dream Photo Shoot

If you have been looking forward to that dream photo-shoot, then you have to do enough preparation for the shoot to be perfect. Just like anything else in life, failing to plan is planning to fail. Good pictures will give you a good memory even after many years. There are different reasons why people would go for photo shoots; it may be for a certain event or just for fun. Regardless of the reason you would not want to take chances and would want to be picture perfect. Some of the things you shouldconsider when preparing for your shoot includes:

Choose a good photographer

As much as there are many photographers in the market who claim to provide the same kind of service, the quality of their services differ. There are photographers who have specialized in different niches depending on the kind of photo shoot you want to have. It is good to do a proper research on the best photographers in your interested niche and check their portfolio to confirm if their kind of work matches your expectation and the kind of vibe you are looking for.

A good location

T get a dream photo shoot, the location really matters. Different locations match different themes and hence you should choose a location that matches the theme of your photo shoot. Since some locations are on high demand and need early booking, it is good to search for a location early enough so that you don’t miss out on the location of choice.

Preparing for Your Dream Photo Shoot

Good skin care

As much as most people underestimate the importance of good skin, it is very important and will make a big contribution on how you look in the photos. Good skin can be reflected in the photos especially the face. If it is glowing then the glow will be reflected in the photo. A good and easy way of getting a glowing face is by steaming the face. There are many facial steamer benefits and is a worth investment if you are really into ski care.

Right outfits

The colors you choose to do with the shoot will affect the white balance of the photos and hence it is an important consideration to make. The choice of your outfit will depend on the theme of the shoot. Since it is a shoot, you will have to have several outfits for the shoot. It is always advisable to choose neutral colors such as black and white. But again that will depend on the theme of the shoot and what you are trying to achieve.


Photo shoots vary across different budgets. It can be cheap and it can also be expensive. This depends on the nature of the shoot, the quality of the work and your definition of cheap or expensive. By doing a research early, it will be easy to get a photographer that matches your budget. You should however keep in mind that in most cases you get what you pay for.