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Combine Your Career in Photography with an Online Business

Making a huge success of your photography business isn’t the easiest of tasks.  A lot of advice and online tutorials are available for this type of profession which resulted in a lot of photographers in just about each and every town and city.  It is hard to make your mark in this line of work when you have so many competitors out there and it is even harder to make a good profit each and every month. A lot of photographers are starting to combine their careers by providing other services along with their photographic skill.  Some provide added services like makeup, hair styling, makeovers and cosmetic services and others even has an entire business on the sideline in order to generate more income.  If you have been battling to get your photography business to be successful then perhaps it is time to consider starting an online business.

Combine Your Career in Photography with an Online Business

Why start an online business?

The main goal of an online business is to generate a higher income for yourself – obviously – but the reason you should invest in an online business instead of some other type of business or service is because this type of business is something you can do on the sideline in your spare time without spending as much.  There are a lot of online businesses that is incredibly successful and the result is financial freedom so you can enjoy live more, travel more often and reduce your overall stress levels.

Bengu can help

Need some help with getting started with an online business?  Well, then Bengu is the right website to check out.  This website offers some good advice on online business types you can start and you can sign up for their online business startup training sessions for free where you will learn exactly how to start your very own online business.

The best online businesses for photographers

The gears in your head is probably twisting and turning right now as you try to think of the best type of online business that will suit your photography career, right?  Well, perhaps these online company ideas can help

Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing involves marketing other products and services and getting commission for sales that you generate. This is a terrific ad on company to consider because you learn a lot about marketing – which is great for your own personal photography company – and you don’t have to deal directly with products, services or deliveries. 

Photo stock images – You can start taking photographs of general things like landscapes, shaking hands, apples on desks and whatever else comes to mind and sell these images online.  A lot of marketers are constantly seeking for new and fresh photographs to use in adverts and in content on social media. 

Tutorial website – You already have great photography skill and can make some cash by creating tutorial videos that other wanabee photographers can buy, watch and learn from.  Create simple, short and sweet tutorial videos that explains difficult photography challenges easily and you are bound to get some good views and sales.

Choosing The Best Dog Training Collar for Your Dog Photo Shoot

If you are planning to give your dog a photo-shoot, you may consider a dog training collar to make the process easy. A dog training collar may make the photo-shoot process to be easy as you can have easy control of your dog. With the many dog training collars in the market, it might be important to know what to look for so that you end up with top training collars for dogs. As much as they should all serve the same purpose, they were not created equal; some collars may be better than others while you want to end up with bark collars that work and are the best. Since dogs are also different and some breeds have certain behavior patterns, it may be wise to choose a collar while considering the kind of dog you have. Some of the factors when looking for a dog collar include:

Choosing The Best Dog Training Collar for Your Dog Photo Shoot


This is an important consideration as you want a collar that fits your dog well.  The comfort of the dog will affect the training response of the dog. If it is comfortable then it will be easier to do training on it. You can measure the neck of your dog before going for a purchase and be sure to add at least two inches so that it has extra room.


The kind of budget you have will influence the kind of dog collar you can get. There are different types and a wide variety of dog collars all with different features. The price will be determined by the kind of features it has. For example the electric kind of collars is normally more expensive. When the quality of the collar is high, then the price is also likely to be high.


Different dog collars have different modes of operation it depends on what you prefer for your dog. There common ones in the market are those that are electric and those that use lithium ion batteries. There is however many who don’t prefer the idea of using training collars that are electric since it inflicts pain on the dog. The mode of functionality will also depend on the temperament of your dog. If it is stubborn and difficult, then an electric collar would be a good choice


Since you are looking for a collar for a photo-shoot you may also want to consider its aesthetic value. You may want a collar that is cute so that it can match with the theme of the photo-shoot. Clearly getting the best dog training collar is not a problem. It will however need a lot of research so that you are sure to get value for money. Luckily this is no longer complicated as it was many years ago, there are many sites that deal with dog collars and you can get all the information you need there as well as reviews on the different dog collars in the market, Many stores will also give you advise when you are going to make a purchase to help you make an informed choice.

Lag Behind in Your Photography Business? Here’s What You Should Do

You have just kicked off your photography business; now you would like folks to hire you. However, somehow, you are not getting people on your way or your business is moving at a slow pace. Yes, this happens and commonly, the reason behind it not beating the drum of your work in the right way. Therefore, you must revamp your means of promotion.

As you all know, a business today just do not breathe without the internet. People are now only aware of the stuff they get to hear or read on the web. That is where you have to hit. Although the market is pretty challenging, you can make it work by bringing your marketing strategies in proper order. Read more promotion ideas that would be of assistance for your business:

Lag Behind in Your Photography Business? Here's What You Should Do

Create your own website:

Your website will be a sort of your online portfolio, and this would be the place where people can discover about your work. That is where you can manage your business-related blogs through WordPress. The site should be impeccable and stand out as something that inspires the visitors.

However, if you already have one, great! Make sure it does not lack anything. Keep it upgraded. Sometimes, it is not easy to maintain the content of your website by yourself. Moreover, you cannot be oblivious to the fact that failing to keep your work upgraded can bring negative impact on the number of potential clients.  You can find the solution for this on What they would do is keep an eye on your WordPress based website every minute. They take an excellent care of everything such as backups, theme and plugin updates, monitoring uptime, keeping hacker away. The team remains at your service and offer unlimited website changes and updates. Give here your shot, and that would open the ways for new clients.

Do your SEO:

You might be familiar with the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Through this tool, you can make sure that the Google, Bing and other related search engines easily find you when people look for your activity. How you can do this is, by adding the right keyword on your website that people are most likely to enter into their search engine. After having them, follow on that they appear prominently on your URL.

Social Networking:

Social media is a place where you can find a maximum number of people. Reach out to them over there. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most vastly used websites. Build the profile of your work in each of them and let people know about your capabilities. Regularly post the images of your work. It would not only increase the number of individuals who know about you but also help you get feedback. Welcome all type of opinions and views so that you can fill the space with improvement. Plus, ask your existing clients to promote your page.


Meeting people in person makes a solid impression. Be the part of exhibit launches, seminars, photography events and meet ups. Avail the opportunity to tell about yourself. You may come across some really experienced photographer. Go, have a chat session with them. They are competitive, but they might support the network of local photographers and end up recommending you to their clients when they are booked.

Volunteer to Shoot an Event:

You never know what opportunities local events may hold for you. Volunteer yourself for the shoot of the event. Doing that would be the great way to show how professional you are.

Need of Photographers

Photography seems to be one of those professions that will never become obsolete. Even in this world of digital technology where all of our devices can become professional-grade cameras, there are times where we still need to hire a professional to get the job done. Don’t get me wrong; Many of us are certainly guilty of using my iphone for almost every birthday party and special event I can imagine. Hiring a photographer can get very expensive, so sometimes it’s best to DIY… but sometimes it’s not.

So, when should you splurge and pay the extra dollars for your photos? Here are the events you can skimp and the areas where a professional is the only thing that matters.

  1. Wedding. This one should be fairly obvious, but some people still opt for the DIY.  It’s best to break it down by numbers. If your event has more than 100 people, then hire a professional. If it has less, this might be something you can hire an amateur to do. Size does matter with these things and the bigger the guest list, the harder it will be to capture every memory. The good thing about having a professional (especially if you are the bride or groom) is the relief of knowing they will do a good, professional job, whereas a friend may just be there for the free booze. Plus the house spent editing does not seem like a job for everyone. This one, should definitely be left to a professional.
  2. Family Photos.  There are plenty of people who own nice cameras and take all their own photos when it comes to their yearly family photos. There are many who opt for the professional because it’s more convenient. The choice is certainly yours, but in this case, you can certainly save money and take the pictures yourself or with the help of a friend. Plus, you can save money on new outfits for your entire family at Kate Spade via their online coupons and really keep the costs of these photos down. It’s a win-win and certainly an easy DIY.

In the end, as long as when you click your hashtag and you are able to scroll through the images that make you happy, that’s all that really matters. Not if the lighting was good or if you got enough candid shots. As long as you can look back on these images and remember that day, week, month, year or lifetime, the photos have done their job.

Marine Life Photography Tips

As photographers, we are constantly after pictures that strongly affect the viewer. Obviously, pleasant colors, great arrangement and a decent acing of your photographic gear and strategy are basic. Be that as it may, in underwater photography – like in many other types of photography – you additionally need to take a few steps to achieve perfection. Here are some tips that will help you out:

Know Your Subject

There is always the possibility of getting lucky shots and on the off chance that you plunge with a camera regularly enough you will be able to capture exceptional moments. However, your odds to capture that perfect shot increase on the off chance that you take in more about your subjects. Some key behavior shots are reproduction (mating, bringing forth, pursuing, laying eggs, guarding eggs, incubating, settling), eating and cleaning.

So you have to know where your subject lives, what it sustains on, when and where it mates, where it lays its eggs – and what time and day it does it. Is it a cleaner? Does it get cleaned – and if so – by whom? Where is the cleaning station? These are some questions you ought to ask the dive operators and dive guides you are jumping with. You should then make a plan in view of this data, pick the fitting focal point and go shoot.

Marine Life Photography Tips

If you’re not as of yet ready to go all the way into the water and still want to take some good marine life shots, we recommend snorkeling. You’re just at the surface of the water but you can capture the essence of marine life through your camera. Head over to and pick out all the gear you need. You can find adult as well as junior sets; so purchase what best suits you and set off for your snorkeling adventure!

Read the Pattern

On the off chance that you watch fish or different creatures, their behavior and growth frequently appear to be arbitrary at first. Here it pays off to see before shooting. Watch what your fish does. Showing male fishes, angles in cleaning stations, seeking angles … they frequently take after growth patterns that you can use to support you. Figure out how to position yourself in a spot to where you know your subject will return. This won’t just help you to get the best point, yet in addition to set up your camera and strobes for this specific edge and make the picture you need. This system is unmistakably superior to swimming behind your subject and depending on whether you would be able to get that lucky shot or not.

Act Invisible

In underwater photography you generally need to be near your subject. The issue with behavior shots is the safe place of your subject. In the event that you go excessively close, they regularly quit doing what they would be doing on the off chance that you weren’t there. The key is to end up plainly invisible. Obviously, not truly… be that as it may, there are approaches to make subjects more tolerant towards you. Significantly more tolerant on the off chance that you do it right.

The primary thing is dependably to pick the correct subject. In the event that you have a decision of a few, at that point dependably go for the one in the best position as well as the one that appears to be least timid. So on the off chance that you need to be invisible to a garden eel you need to pick the one that gives you a chance to come nearest before withdrawing into his opening.

Can Political Photography Be Lucrative?

So, you love photography and you are extremely passionate about your country and about politics.  Is there perhaps a way to combine these two elements so you can start earning cash from your two passions?  Well, the competition certainly is tough because there are so many journalists lining up to catch shots of major political stories but if you are willing to be flexible and diverse then there might just be a way to earn good cash from politics.  Here are the top ideas to help you earn cash from political photographs.

Can Political Photography Be Lucrative?

Political journalistic photography

This is the most common way to earn cash through politics.  Basically you just have to stay on top of the latest political news and you have to be there at every major event so you can capture the best images.  You can sell your photos to magazines and journalists and earn a good income.

Tourism photography

A lot of political firms like the White House, for example, are a huge tourist attraction.  You can capture great looking shots and sell it online to touring companies.

Earn from campaigning politicians

Every politician that ever had to run for president, vice president or for any campaign had to have great looking photographs, influential posters and convincing images which mean that there is good cash to be made if you can become a campaigning photographer.

Earn by selling photographs online

The digital marketing world is incredibly big and there is constantly a huge demand for high quality photographs.  You can capture great photographs of flags, political events, protests, political figures and much more and sell these images online.  Marketers, businesses, political firms and more can then buy these images from you and use on them on their websites, in blog articles, for promotional content and much more.

Professional political portraits

This is probably the most lucrative but toughest way to earn from photography.  Become a portrait photographer and capture great looking shots of political figures.  Plenty of political figures are constantly in need of great looking photographs for their social media accounts, websites, self-branding and to accommodate journalistic articles.  Take Mark Dubowitz for example; All of his social media accounts is fashioned with a corporate image of himself in his usual navy suit and tie.  You will also find lots of articles, newspaper clippings and more online and not a single one of his shots are bad, out of focus or blurry.  The reason for this is so he will seem like a professional entity no matter who checks out his name online.  If you can create yourself a good name in the political photography industry and get photography gigs from major candidates and political figures then you are sure to earn good cash.

Scandals are good as gold

If you can capture a major scandal committed by a political figure then you can earn big.  Newspapers, websites and news sites are often willing to dish out a lot of cash to get proof of a new and juicy story which means that the photographer able to catch these images will be able to earn big.

The Power of Photography

They say that the power of photography is inevitable, and this is for a reason. There are so many reasons as to why photography has immense power over many things. It has the sort of power that can influence society since it actually brings about images of what is happening. Initially, it was not something that many people took up since owning a camera was a luxury. Today, however, cameras are found all over, even on our smartphones, and this means that everyone, including kids, has access to one. People are taking millions of photographs every day, and nowadays it is so easy to share them with those that we want to, since all that we have to do is to upload them onto our social media pages and share them. Alternatively, we can send them in the form of email attachments. But what are the reasons as to why you can’t ignore the power of photography? We are going to look at some of those reasons below:

The Power of Photography

Your Life in Images

With photography, anyone can capture their life in images within minutes and share on social media. These are memories that will live with them forever.


One can invite people into their life by sharing their photographs, creating new and lasting relationships.

Preserve Memories

Photographs can preserve and bring back memories that we had long forgotten. It encapsulates time and preserves memories.

Promote Business

Photography is a great way of marketing your business, whether it is photographs of your products or the business itself. Photos speak louder than words.

Document History

They are probably the best way to document history, whether it is through videos or still images. We get the actual feel of that happened then.

Universal Language

We might speak different languages across the globe, but photographs only speak one language since they are understood by everyone that can see.

Send a Message

This is the best way to send messages. Whether they are political campaigns that are flawed, biased elections or anything of the sort, photography brings out the actual message to the masses.


One can express their feelings through photography, just like they can through art and music.


Photography can be used as a medium for learning, since people, and mainly children, are more likely to learn better from it.


There are some things that we just can’t ignore, such as that sunset over the lake, or that alluring landscape. We take those shots for the beauty.

Get Ready for Election Day

I’m sure that you’re wondering where elections come in here, but just like we mentioned above, you’ll realize that photography has a great influence on the masses, and it could even influence an election. That is the same way that Philadelphia 3.0 also tries to influence elections in Philadelphia.  For example, they were trying to help influence the masses to vote in Larry Krasner on May 16th. They offer information as to where you can find your polling station so that you can volunteer as a voter. They also have the option for letting you share information about the candidate they are pushing for. This is an organization that is behind political reform in Philadelphia’s local politics, and it is made up of many stakeholders including business people.


Just the way that photography can influence things, Philadelphia 3.0 is looking to influence and bring about reforms within the local politics. This is done for the good of the mainly business people that live in the city to secure their interests.

Is Travel Photography For You?

One of the perks of choosing photography as a career is the diversity you enjoy.  You have a choice between different types of photography, different photography styles and you get to choose your own work hours and schedules.  There are quite a lot of photography types that can be incredibly lucrative. Sports photography, family photography, business photography and travel photography are all terrific options for a professional photographer but out of all of these types, traveling photography is one of the hardest to master and one of the hardest types to earn from.

Is Travel Photography For You?

What is travel photography?

Travel photography mostly falls under the tourism industry.  You will be taking lot photographs of holiday destinations, hotels, guest houses, tourist attractions, landscapes, adventures, excursions, locals, adventures, wildlife, architecture and much more. Your photography skills has to be quite diverse since you will be capturing everything from portraits to landscapes but one of the big benefits is that you will see the world.

The big question – Is it lucrative?

The biggest question you might be dealing with is whether or not travel photography is worth your while.  The touring industry is big which means that there are plenty of opportunities to make a good income if you just know where to look.  Restaurants, resorts, guest houses, spa’s and hotels are just a few of the many client possibilities you have.  You can take great looking photographs for their websites and perhaps even earn a bit extra by writing about the expedition on a travel blog.  But that is not the only way to earn cash from your travel photographs.  There are plenty of online photography sites where you can sell images.  Businesses use these images for marketing purposes and the market is once again quite diverse.  Everything from a great looking location shoot to gorgeous wildlife photographs is bound to provide you with some katjing in your pocket.

Consider the Occidental Vacation Club

Travel photographers should definitely consider joining the Occidental Vacation Club.  You can use this club to travel to different destinations much easier and affordably and you can even earn a living by working for the Occidental Vacation Club.  This holiday club has hotels, resorts and more at a lot of fantastic holiday destinations like Aruba, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico and much more all of which would be fantastic for getting terrific travel photographs.

So what is the downside?

So is there a downside to travel photography?  With the promise of traveling, money and the opportunity to pursue a passion it certainly doesn’t sound like it, right?  Well, there are two major disadvantages.

The first disadvantage is that traveling can get in the way of relationships, family and life.  When you are living a life on the go it is hard to stick to certain obligations and to stay in touch with families.

The second disadvantage is that it can be tough to get your name out there.  Making a success out of your photography job won’t be easy and the startup expense for your traveling will have to come out of your own pocket.

How to Take Photos of Political Events

Pictures are meant to preserve memories. Looking at one picture will help you remember a particular time in your life and it will help you reminisce about the things that have occurred. There are some pictures that show important events in your life but there are also some that show war, fights and even other negative issues that people would rather forget.

There are a lot of political events that have been photographed so many times. A lot of the pictures tell a story and simply by looking at the photograph, some people will remember moments so vividly that it can be enough to give them goosebumps. You would like to learn how to take photos of political events too but you do not know how.

How to Take Photos of Political Events

The first thing that you need to do is to become updated with the political events that are happening in your area. If you do not know where to start looking, you can check out Foundation for Defense of Democracies. You will see a lot of details there that will give you an idea what upcoming events you have to be present in, in order to take great photos.

Here are some more tips that will help you in taking photos of political events:

  1. Make sure that you are at the right spot at the right time.

There are times when you would arrive at the venue on time but because you do not know exactly where the people you are going to take photos of are located. Having information about this can be very helpful because you can be at the right spot at exactly the right time. It will be easier for you to take great photos this way.

  1. Have the right equipment.

Since you are going to be at a political event, you cannot expect to bring a whole lot of people with you. There is a possibility that things are going to get nasty so you do not want to risk the lives of others. When you have the right equipment, the photos you are going to take will still look amazing.

  1. Be patient.

You may be tempted to just take a few random photos and call them “political photos” because they are taken at political events after all but you should not do this. In order to get the perfect shot, the picture that will make people stop and stare, you have to be patient. It is going to happen but you have to wait.

  1. The best photos are the candid ones.

This is when you can catch people in their realest moments. There are a lot of people who can smile at the camera and show that they are sincere and happy but it is how they carry themselves when they think no one is looking that will show the real them. If you would have the ability to take candid photos, you know that you can get great shots.

Are there are some more tips that you think you can use to capture great photos? Feel free to share your own advice below.

Tips to Take Better Photos of Your Dog

When it comes to photography, the photo is only as good as the photographer. Okay, that may not always be the case, but the photographer plays a vital role in how a photo turns out. We have a few tips for you to improve the way you take photos of your dog or any other pet.


Know your equipment


You don’t need to go out and get a high-end camera to take photos. You can do so with a decent DSLR that won’t have you digging into your savings. Make sure you get a wide-angle lens with it so that when you plan on taking photographs of your dog playing, you can easily capture the whole scenery.


When it comes to editing photos, you can use Adobe Photoshop, which is fairly easy to use. There are numerous tutorials online, if you do not already know how to use it. It is one of those softwares where you can easily play around and learn yourself.


Know when to take a photo


Getting your dog’s attention and having them sit for a photo is not easy. Well, it can be if you have an obedient dog, otherwise you will need to be patient. You can call your dog’s name and gauge if he or she is in the mood for a photo session, if not then you should probably do it at another time.


You can even give your dog food for puppies or any other kind of treat in order to get their attention and treat them after the shoot also.


Getting your dog to smile


In order to get your dog to smile you may need to play around with it. You can have it chase you around the yard, your house, or play fetch with it. Just getting the dog active for 5-10 minutes should be enough to have it grinning and flashing a wonderful smile for your photos.


Faster shutter speed


When outdoor and looking to catch your dog in action, it is recommended that you increase the shutter speed. This is a fantastic technique especially when there is a lot of natural light. If there is limited lighting then we do not recommend this as the faster shutter speed captures less light.


Edit your photos


When you have captured the photo be sure to process it afterwards. Play around in Photoshop, if you aren’t that well-versed in it then the software also has its auto adjustment settings which can improve the photos for you.


Animal photography over all is on a rise. Now that everyone has a decent camera on their phone. You can easily just click away and capture your dog as it plays in your yard. With our tips, you can make sure all the pictures you take of your dog are Instagram or Facebook worthy.