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Tax season is dreadful for everyone, no matter which profession one may be in. That is because of how tedious and painstaking the process is. Many people choose to hire professionals to do the job for them, while others prefer doing it on their own, but no matter which route one chooses, it’s obvious that they’d rather not do their taxes at all. Perhaps the worst of it all is felt by those professionals who have to file other people’s taxes for a living. That said, there are also other professionals who have a hard time filling up their tax forms, such as photographers. If you’re a photographer yourself and need help with your taxes, then keep reading.

Photographers’ Tax Guide

The forms

If you’re a self-employed photographer, then the forms that you will fill will be 1040EZ/1040A, and these apply for the very basic returns. You will then need to fill in your deductions, gross income, as well as your basic tax credits. One basic form that you will also have to fill is the Schedule C, which shows that you’re self-employed. You will input the amount that you earn through your photography and all your business’s deductions as well. This refers to your advertising, rent, insurance, utilities, etc.

Schedule SE is a form that will calculate your Medicare taxes as well as your social security at the year’s end. If you want to file your taxes properly, then this needs to be filed alongside Schedule C. Form 2106, on the other hand, will calculate the expenses of your business, especially the travelling mileage. Form 8829 is yet another form that you will have to fill if you conduct your business from home. Finally, you will have to fill Form 4562 to calculate your equipment’s depreciation as well as all the other tools that you purchased throughout the year.

General information

It goes without saying that some form of general information would be necessary. For instance, you will need to show an amount for your general expenses. This will most probably be a part of Schedule C, and will need to be deducted from your overall income of the year in order to find what portion of your income is taxable. Some other information that you will have to present when filing for your taxes include traveling expenses, mileage expenses, meal expenses, as well as depreciation.

This is an extremely generic run down of all the different forms that you will have to file and all the things that you will have to look out for. Of course, there’s way more to filing taxes than just this, as it wouldn’t have been considered a nightmare by so many if it were really as simple as this. However, this should give you a general idea of what you have to do and which forms you have to fill.

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