Photography Tips for Chefs and Food Bloggers

DIY Photography

As a chef or food blogger you probably realize that the general look of your food is just as important as the taste.  Online customers aren’t lured to your restaurant by the smell of your dishes, after all.  It is critical for a chef or food blogger to be able to take fantastic photographs of all of the dishes you prepare because these photos are great for marketing your business and being able to take your own photographs will save you a heap of money especially if you are planning on creating a menu or want to create a cooking book.  The good news is that you won’t have to invest quite as much on photography gear because many food bloggers and chefs get away with using smartphones for all of their photos.

Yes, you can take amazing photographs with your phone

Food photography doesn’t require the biggest lenses or the fanciest of cameras. A modern smartphone and the right setup is all you need to take terrific shots of your dishes.  You can check out some smartphone photography tips to learn how to use your phone for the best photographs ever.

Photography Tips for Chefs and Food Bloggers

Create yourself a dedicated mini photo booth

The background of your meals is incredibly important.  No one is going to buy your food or visit your blog if it looks like you are preparing food in a cheap kitchen.  Create yourself a mini photography booth that you can use for most of your photography shots.  You can do this by using a simple cardboard box.  Line the box out with a background of your choice.  A white background or decorative paper with a vintage wood vibe can be a great idea.  You should also create a good looking stand for your foods.

Good lighting is the key

Take shots next to a window or even outside in the shade because for smartphones you need a lot of good and natural light.

Props are everything in food photography

Serviettes and fresh fruit or veggies are great food props to add to your dishes but one of the best things to add to your photos is fresh herb clippings.

Grow your own prop herbs

It might be hard to get your hands on fresh herb clippings because most chefs and food bloggers buy their herbs at a local grocer.  Growing your own mini herb garden can be a great idea because you will always have good seasoning for your food and you will always have great herb props for photography.

You can now grow herbs indoors

With a LED grow lamp you can now grow herbs inside your kitchen.  This lamp provides the herbs with all the light and wind motion they need to flourish even though they aren’t getting any natural sunlight.  LumiGrowth is a great website that you can check out for more information on these fantastic lights.  You can also check out some reviews on the website that will help you choose the best light for your kitchen.

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