Photography Tips for the Huntress

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Are you a lioness at heart?  Then it is time to start showing off the wild heart within you with some great photos.  A hunting trip is fantastic for lifting your spirits, getting rid of a bit of stress from your life and for having a good adventure.  But you need some good memories off your trip and good footage of your hunting trip is always great for your social media accounts and your photo album.  Here are some great ideas to look better on your trip’s photos and to take better photos during your trip.

Dress up for the trip

There are quite a lot of great huntress outfits available these days.  You can get fantastic camouflage garments for yourself, kids, and toddlers and even for babies.  The huntress garments are a lot more fashionable than they used to be and are specially designed to suit women’s natural curves and bodies so you will still look completely feline even when you are completely geared up and ready to crawl through muddy masses to find that perfect kill. Well styled hunting outfits will help you look fantastic and a lot wilder in those hunting photos.

Photography Tips for the Huntress

Gear up for the trip

The right gear will help you hunt a lot easier and better.   Good hunting gear also looks terrific on photography and you can use your hunting gear like a rifle, bow or crossbow for various different photo poses.  You can check out parker challenger crossbow review to have a look at one of the most stylish women’s crossbows on the market.  These crossbows are available in various styles including pink that will definitely help you stand out in photos.

Get a good camera

A good camera will enable you to take much better quality photos of your camp, surroundings, nature and off yourself and your hunting expedition.  You should also get a good shock proof camera bag so your camera will be protected against impact and rain.  A camera stand will also help you take much better photos.

Study hunting photography

If you want to look terrific on your hunting photos then you need to scout some hunting photography poses well before the hunt.  There are a lot of different poses you can try.  You can pose next to your kill, you can take an action shot with your crossbow while you aim and fire at targets or you can simply do a quite pose to show off your overall image.  There is plenty of hunting pose ideas online that you should check out for a better image.

Get your hunting buddy to practice taking photos

Taking selfies are great for close-up shots of your face but it’s impossible to get your hunting gear, your kill or your action moves in the shot if you are taking selfies.  While you are relaxing at camp you should get your hunting buddy to practice photos and poses with you.  The more practice your hunting buddy gets, the better your hunting photos will look when it is time for action.

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