Photos to Take On Your Next Camping Trip

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With photography as a hobby you always have an excuse to go on adventures like camping trips.  Camping is one of the best trips for photographers who want to practice their photography skills or for those who want to try out a new piece of photography gear like a new camera or lens.  And because you are on a camping trip you also get a good break from work and life which is great for combating stress.  During camping there are so many wonderful things you can capture and these trips usually include a lot of lazy afternoons during which you can spend hours on trying to get that perfect shot.

Photos to Take On Your Next Camping Trip

Photograph the sunrise & sunset

You can practice your landscape photography skills by trying to capture breathtaking sunsets and sunrises during your camping trip.  Sunsets and sunrises are some of the hardest shots to capture because you only have a few brief minutes to capture good shots.

Camp photos

Of course you have to capture some good shots of your camp site.  Try to look for artistic angles for your camp by photographing average things like your breakfast with a steaming cup of coffee next to it, a campsite kettle steaming into the early morning or a couple of champagne glasses glistening in the evening sun with sparkling bubbles rising to the surface.

Take camp activity photos

Camp activities like cooking, swimming, river rafting, hiking and exploring give you a great opportunity to practice action shots and to document some of the memories that you, friends and family make while on the camping trip.

Photograph the stars

Camping trips are the only times you really get to enjoy the starry sky because there are no city lights to diminish the brightness of the stars.  Long exposure night photographs are extremely popular right now and are definitely a must on your camping trip.  You can check out some tips for long exposure night photography on CreativeLive because these breathtaking shots require some serious skill as well as the right gear.

Take some shots of the campfire

What is a camp photography session without a shot of that camp fire by which you all shared wonderful tales?  You should definitely try to capture a good campfire shot in your camping shoot.

Animal photography

Of course you are going to see a lot of natural wild life on your camping trip and what would a camping trip be without a game drive.  Try to capture some wild life shots and don’t worry too much if this is a difficult task.  Some nature photographers spend up to 400 hours to capture the perfect shot of nature.

Sharpen your skills before heading out on the trip

It might be wise to sharpen up on some of the tips, tricks and skills of photography before going camping. CreativeLive is a terrific online tutorial site where you can learn just about anything about photography and where you can find the best ideas and inspiration for unique and fantastic shots.

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