Real Estate Photography Tips

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Photography is so much fun and you can get nice photos with the right tips. Even though photography is more of a matter of creativity, you should have the basics at hand. The first step which is crucial for any kind of photography is to understand the relation between speed, aperture and ISO. There needs to be a good balance for you to get good photos. You also need to have some editing skills to add oomph to your photos. As much as editing does wonders, to get good photos there is no shortcut, you have to have the right photography skills. With almost all kind of photography the basic rules are the same, but there are also individual rules that apply to make your photography different. For real estate photography, there are tips you need to keep in mind, they include:

Real Estate Photography Tips

Real Estate Photography Tips

Use a tripod

A tripod is normally good for low light photography or when you plan to use high speed. It helps to prevent shaking and as a result helps in achieving clear photos. As much as you may use a flash or try to reduce shaking as much as possible, a tripod makes a big difference.

Have more than one flash

If you are an avid photographer, most of the time you have portable light in your kit. When it comes to real estate photography more than one portable light would be perfect. This is because most of the time you will be doing low light photography and big rooms would in some instances need two lights. One flash light may only work well for small rooms. For indoor shooting, it is hard to only rely on natural light as some houses may not have big windows. In some areas such as the staircase or the corridors that may not have a source of light may be hard to shoot.

Use light stands

That will save you from the hustle of looking for furniture where the portable light will stand or having to move with furniture for the light from one room to the other.

Use a wide angle lens

It is much easier to take sharp photos with a wide angle lens. Since you may be taking photos of a large house, a wide angle lens would be a perfect fit since you can take all the detail you want and have it in the picture.

Preset editing

Preset editing makes editing fast saving your time and you are also likely to get perfect photos. Most photographers use Adobe Photoshop light room or the SLR Lounge preset system. You will be able to achieve so much flexibility and style without necessarily wasting time.

Real estate photography just like any other kind of photography entails a lot of practice. In some cases working with a home designer may help to make things easier for you as they have all the details at hand. As the cliché goes practice makes perfect, with time real estate photography will be a walk in the park.

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