Simple Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills

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Today, when hundreds of photo-editing software are available for free or after a minimum fee, photographers pay less attention to their photography skills. They mostly rely on post-processing to improve the quality of their pictures. However, this fails in bringing the best out of the picture. A picture says a thousand words, nevertheless, a blurred idea does not fare well with a sharp image. The artistic and creative ability the photographer can provide to his photos is unmatched. You must have a keen eye for details as these details make the pictures more interesting and unique.

Simple Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills

Simple Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills

Read these tips to elevate your photography skills:

Ditch the Auto Mode:

While the auto mode is easier and quicker, it is the worst way to take a photo. Whatever settings your camera might think you need, you know which ones to use much better. If you are a beginner you could start using the Scene Modes, like Food, Portrait, Fireworks, Night Mode etcetera. This gives your camera an idea of what scene you are shooting and it will revert to those settings that are best for it.

However, if you think you are familiar with the settings of the camera, it is recommended to set them manually. Exposure, Aperture size, Shutter speed etcetera should be set manually according to the type of pictures you want to take. This will leave your pictures looking professional.

Use Good Lighting:

Light is one of the key factors of a good photograph. Even while taking a simple selfie, you can easily see how much it affects the picture quality. If you are planning on taking a portrait, it is important to look at the subject’s eyes. Is he/she squinting? Then the light might be too bright for them or if their eyes look dull and lifeless, they need more light. Taking pictures in the full blazing sun can be harmful to your pictures as well, as it will be a harsh blazing light. Take your pictures in the shade with the subject facing a light source, this gives you a soft light that will flatter the subject.

You should avoid taking pictures in the noon, as the sun is directly overhead and casts a shadow under the eyes. Instead, you should try taking pictures an hour before sunset or an hour after sunrise.

Use Key Performance Indicators:

Key Performance Indicators are used by businesses and industries to measure success in achieving a target in a specified time. Through KPIs, they monitor their employees’ performance and work on ways to improve them as well. They are numeric values that can help them stay on track and achieve their goals.

Photographers can use KPIs as well to improve their photographs. Feedback plays an essential part to improve your photographs. There are various ways you can do that. You could either ask friends or family or you could ask a professional to rate different factors on your pictures. Another way could be to upload them online and see how people react to them. You can switch up some settings and see what difference it makes. It is entirely up to you which Key Performance Indicators you choose, but it is significant to choose them well.

Balanced Scorecards are a strategy design methodology, they show you why balance is important and how to achieve that balance. The balance here means the one between the efforts you put and the results you get. It is important to integrate the balanced scorecard into your Key Performance Indicators to ensure proper balance. Stacey Barr is a performance measurement professional who provides an in-depth view of KPIs to help you chose the best Balanced Scorecard template. Visit for more information.

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