The Power of Photography

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They say that the power of photography is inevitable, and this is for a reason. There are so many reasons as to why photography has immense power over many things. It has the sort of power that can influence society since it actually brings about images of what is happening. Initially, it was not something that many people took up since owning a camera was a luxury. Today, however, cameras are found all over, even on our smartphones, and this means that everyone, including kids, has access to one. People are taking millions of photographs every day, and nowadays it is so easy to share them with those that we want to, since all that we have to do is to upload them onto our social media pages and share them. Alternatively, we can send them in the form of email attachments. But what are the reasons as to why you can’t ignore the power of photography? We are going to look at some of those reasons below:

The Power of Photography

Your Life in Images

With photography, anyone can capture their life in images within minutes and share on social media. These are memories that will live with them forever.


One can invite people into their life by sharing their photographs, creating new and lasting relationships.

Preserve Memories

Photographs can preserve and bring back memories that we had long forgotten. It encapsulates time and preserves memories.

Promote Business

Photography is a great way of marketing your business, whether it is photographs of your products or the business itself. Photos speak louder than words.

Document History

They are probably the best way to document history, whether it is through videos or still images. We get the actual feel of that happened then.

Universal Language

We might speak different languages across the globe, but photographs only speak one language since they are understood by everyone that can see.

Send a Message

This is the best way to send messages. Whether they are political campaigns that are flawed, biased elections or anything of the sort, photography brings out the actual message to the masses.


One can express their feelings through photography, just like they can through art and music.


Photography can be used as a medium for learning, since people, and mainly children, are more likely to learn better from it.


There are some things that we just can’t ignore, such as that sunset over the lake, or that alluring landscape. We take those shots for the beauty.

Get Ready for Election Day

I’m sure that you’re wondering where elections come in here, but just like we mentioned above, you’ll realize that photography has a great influence on the masses, and it could even influence an election. That is the same way that Philadelphia 3.0 also tries to influence elections in Philadelphia.  For example, they were trying to help influence the masses to vote in Larry Krasner on May 16th. They offer information as to where you can find your polling station so that you can volunteer as a voter. They also have the option for letting you share information about the candidate they are pushing for. This is an organization that is behind political reform in Philadelphia’s local politics, and it is made up of many stakeholders including business people.


Just the way that photography can influence things, Philadelphia 3.0 is looking to influence and bring about reforms within the local politics. This is done for the good of the mainly business people that live in the city to secure their interests.

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