Tips for Amazing Fishing Photos

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Looking for something adventurous to photograph?  A fishing trip is the perfect solution.  Fishing trips go hand in hand with plenty of scenic shots, adventure shots, action shots and trophy shots.  These trips are the perfect opportunity to get good photography practice and to try out new angles and new ideas.  And hopefully the following tips will help you capture amazing fishing shots.

Tips for Amazing Fishing Photos

No catch means no glory

Some photographers are multi-skilled some are not.  It is perfectly fine not to be the world’s best fishermen but what is not ok is going on a fishing photography expedition – without catching any fish.  There has to be at least something to show.  To get the right catch you will of course need the right fishing gear.  Good fishing gear also makes the fishermen look a lot more credible on your shots. You will need a good fishing rod, a good fishing reel, hooks and sinkers, bait and a good fishing outfit to accommodate you on your trip and to help you actually get that fish.

Hold that fish for photos

Holding the fish for a pose shot is quite hard but is a must for a great photograph series finale.  Holding the fish however isn’t quite as simple as it might seem.  Fish are slippery and it might take a bit of practice before your subject gets the right hold and the right poses but it will be worth your extra waiting time.

Capture the gear

Don’t just capture your landscapes and faces.  It could be nice to see what gear you used on your fishing expedition as well.

Fishing silhouettes are superb!

Wait until the golden hour and capture an image of the silhouette of the fishermen and his fishing rod against the shiny waters.  Fishing silhouettes are beautiful, interesting and great for online sales.

Don’t miss out on action shots

Action shots are great photography practice and they make these trips seem much more adventurous.  Remember to capture action shots of casting, catching, baiting and any other action shot you can work in.

Snacks and beverages

A shot or two of your drinks and snacks can also create a story for your photo series and can be an interesting find when you are looking back on old adventure shoots.

Portraits are always great

The outdoors and shoreline is the perfect shot to get some terrific portrait images of friends and family members.  It is always great to see exactly what people looked like during these trips and natural fishing portraits can be a good way to bring reality into your images.


Of course you need a few landscape shots of the fishing waters, river shores, gorgeous sunsets or whatever else may be interesting.  Landscape shots are always great to recall exactly what your fishing spot looked like.

Work with natural sunlight

Sunlight is hard to work with but can be a great ally when it comes to creating interesting and unique fishing shots.  Try to capture sunbeams on interesting angles so your fishy photos can shine.

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