Tips for Taking Amazing Photos from Your Bike

DIY Photography

It is quite easy to take a great looking photo of your bike.  Just prop it against a good backdrop and snap away or get someone to pose on the bike for you.  You will immediately be able to take glorious photographs that will stun any biking group or mountain biking group.  The real challenge comes in when you have to take photographs from your bike, meaning take great outward photographs wile biking.

Tips for Taking Amazing Photos from Your Bike

Why would you like to take photos from a bike?

Well there might be several reasons. For one thing some of the best landscapes and most beautiful places cannot be reached by vehicle.  A bike often means freedom to photographers because you can explore into unknown destinations where you can snap glorious photographs of all types of uncommon scenes, creatures and creditors.  Another good reason to take photos off your bike is for the glory of emphasizing the fun you are having while enjoying mountain biking or while taking on tough routes.

Good bike maintenance is important

The most important tip of all is to do proper maintenance on your bike before you storm off into the wild.  Give your bike a good clean and do the proper repairs before you go.  One of the things that can affect your biking photography session the most is your pedals.  It is important to get the right pedals for your bike so you won’t slam down head first into the dirt when the paddle somehow sticks. is a superb site to check out for all the best info on bikes and biking gear and the site will give superb guidance as to which pedals to buy.  It is also important to check your breaks and tires especially if you are planning on ascending to incredible heights for breathtaking shots.

Capture your journey

A good tip for taking photos from your bike is to capture the journey.  Stop and capture the road.  Take a snap of your bike beside the road while you take a rest.  Capture the beauty that lies ahead.

Create a major focus point

For superb biking photos you should have a major focus point.  This is your major reason for taking on the journey.  Do you bike to lose weight?  Then perhaps a sweaty selfie could be good.  Are you looking for an amazing adventure?  Then capture what you have conquered.

Be careful with your gear

Biking accidents can be terrible for your body and especially for your camera gear.  Keep camera gear in a good quality camera bag if you are traveling by bike.

Get some action shots

A picture of your legs paddling away with a high speed backdrop can be fantastic for emphasizing your journey and is a superb action photo for your adventure collection.

Capture your homecoming

People always remember to capture all the major highlights of an adventure like biking but they always forget to capture the ending.  If you are looking for a good storyline for your biking photo expedition then capturing your homecoming could be a superb finish.

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