Tips for Taking Great Photos in a Condo

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Photographs are so important.  These quick snaps are the key to memories.  Photographs help us remember people, they help us remember incidents, they help us share and tell stories.  Photographs can capture a moment of beauty, innocence, wonder, and heroics and ensures that this precious moment lives on for many years to come.  It is important for couples, families and even singles to take regular photos of their life.  These photos help create a journey on which you can look back.

Taking great looking photographs indoors isn’t an easy task.  Most homeowners will overcome this obstacle by simply moving their photo setup outdoors so they can take brilliant, high-quality photos of loved ones, beautiful creations, delicious foods and more.  But what if you live in a condo and don’t have an outdoor space where you can really relax, set up a photo booth and take great photos?

Here are a few tips to help you take great photos even if you don’t have much to work with.

Tips for Taking Great Photos in a Condo

Tips for Taking Great Photos in a Condo

Leverage your interior

One of the best benefits of living in E Condos is the fact that the apartments are already beautiful.  These gorgeous condos are designed to be efficient, stylish and classy and this is all you really need for a beautiful backdrop.  Look for angles inside the condo that will result in beautiful and interesting photographs.  The bedroom, bed, kitchen, floor, a plain wall, a sofa… all of these average items can look amazing if your photographs have the right focus point and the right composition.

Next to any window is a golden spot

You need natural light to enhance the quality of your photographs.  Every window in your condo is the golden spot for your photographs.  Set up a photo area next to a window, move your bed to the window and use it as a photo base or look for any other way to create a photo area next to the window.  More natural sunlight enhances the quality of your photographs.

Work with light reflectors

A white sheet or white painted cardboard can dramatically enhance the quality of your photographs.  Simply place the white item on the opposite side of the natural light so the light will be reflected.  This will enhance the feature of your photography subject and will improve the photo.

Learn to take photos with your phone

Modern smartphones have absolutely amazing cameras.  Of course, it is good to get a good quality photography camera but you don’t have to dish out thousands to get good photos.  Simply learn to operate your phone camera better.

Create a photo booth

You can create your own photo booth inside your home.  The great thing about a photo booth is you can use many of the items inside your home.  Furniture can become your props and sheets, comforters or blankets can easily be turned into a beautiful backdrop.  You can also constantly change your photo booth set up for fresh and new photo ideas of family members.

Leverage Pinterest

Pinterest is packed with fantastic photography ideas.  With these ideas, you can expand your photography skills and get amazing photo ideas such as ideas for backdrops, posing ideas and much more.

A small apartment shouldn’t keep you from telling your story.  Simply improve your style and method and make the apartment work for you and take great photos of your children, spouse or life as you go on.

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