Tips to Becoming a Fashion Photographer

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When it comes to making a career, you need to dedicate a lot of time, effort, and be persistent to achieve what you want. Especially if you want to be a photographer of any kind. These days almost everyone has access to a decent camera and clicks away thinking of themselves as professional photographers. These tips will help you stand apart from them and actually have you on your way to being a professional fashion photographer.

Have a collection of your work

You need to showcase your talent in order to land work. So you need to start off by creating a portfolio. Having photos printed or storing them digitally is not enough anymore. You need to utilize technology to get a wider reach, make a website for yourself. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money on it, there are numerous website platforms like and WordPress that allow you to create website free of cost. This is a wonderful option for beginners and as you establish your name in the market you can look to get a custom website design.

Be sure when you do make a website that you constantly updating it. You should also have a portfolio that showcases your talent overall, so there should be ranges of different types of photos so they get a feel of exactly what you can offer them.

Tips to Becoming a Fashion Photographer

Print photo books

Having a hard copy of your work is also important. You can easily pass out photo books which will have your best work in it along with contact details. This way people can easily access your work and contact you. You don’t have to have an elaborate photo book. Pick your best 15-20 shots (4 by 5 inches) and have them displayed in a nice manner.

You can have more than one photo book, you can have one for jewellery that can have diamonds carved by the likes of Moti Ferder while another can be for shoes like Jimmy Choo’s or any type of clothing. This will allow you to target specific markets within fashion.

Build your name, work for free

If you don’t have access to making a great portfolio on your own, there is a chance you may have to work for free at first. This will allow you to build a proper portfolio while also get yourself acquainted with models and shooting atmosphere. You can ask aspiring models to help you. Most of them will be more than willing to get an up and coming photographer take photos of them and build their portfolio also.

Market yourself properly

When it comes to photography, social media is an excellent way to market yourself. It is almost as important as having a website. Be sure to have a page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on to get yourself out there and allow people to have access to you and your work. Not only that, you can also market yourself by looking at local art galleries and hold exhibitions there so you can allow people to see your work.

When it comes to starting a career you need to be persistent. Careers aren’t made overnight, there will be times where you may feel like quitting. Just remember to be persistent and remind yourself that this is something you love and want. Only then will you be able to succeed.

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