Top 5 Cities for Photographers To Live and Work!

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Photography is not a type of work you can do offsite like some other professions. You have to be where your work is. Photographers may face some challenges as not every place in this world has enough supply of work. You have to be where you can get best out of your profession. You need to find the cities where permitting is easy, cost of living is reasonable, and work supply is plentiful. In this article, we have come up with a list of cities that might prove best for you as a photographer:

Top 5 Cities for Photographers To Live and Work!

Top 5 Cities for Photographers To Live and Work!

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota:

The photographers who just took their first step in the profession are mostly concerned with the cost of living. They seek affordable housing and transportation. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota is quite an affordable place in the U.S. this place has been a center of attention for affordable living and great opportunities for young creatives.

Orlando, Florida:

This city has a strong photography industry. With a reasonable cost of living, Florida has magnificent landscape which makes it perfect for vacation photos, outdoor photography, fashion shoots, and sports events. This opens the door of opportunities for you. Also, permitting is very easy there and entertainment industry is huge.

Mexico City:

Mexico is one of the great options for photographers as it is an energetic cultural hub. And, living costs and prices do not touch the skies. There are hundreds of galleries where you can display your work. Moreover, attaining filming permits through official government channels is easier than it is in other cities.

Berlin, Germany:

Berlin has been named as one of the most affordable cities in 2013. In this city, it is easy for photographers to network with potential clients and collaborators. Photography festivals are also held in Berlin every year that attracts artist from all around the globe.

Toronto, Canada:

Toronto is full of natural beauty. This is one of the best options even if you want to pursue photography in the film industry. Artists and creatives get a huge support in this city. Although the city is quite expensive, opportunities are bountiful. Plus, you would find some extremely beautiful place to live just like Reimagine Galleria.

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