Water & Marine Life Photography Tips

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Water is a lovely subject to photograph. It can be as dramatic as a waterfall, as simple as a fountain, immense like the sea, or only a relaxing and energizing lake. Whatever the source, it can be an inspiration for you to photograph. On the off chance that you are charmed with capturing water, here are a couple of tips you can use to improve your photography, both outside and inside water.

Water & Marine Life Photography Tips

Water & Marine Life Photography Tips

Capture Motion

Right off the bat, consider what you need to pass on and how to add that trademark to the shot. This might be as straightforward as picking the correct shutter speed. A quick shutter speed solidifies movement and functions admirably to crash waves to demonstrate the action of a sea. Now and again when utilizing quicker shutter speeds, your camera may demonstrate that you are getting inadequate light – this is the place changing your ISO can prove to be useful. When utilizing ISO of 1/500th or more, timing is key for staggering shots.

On the contrary side of fast shutter capture are long exposures. On the off chance that you need to demonstrate more noteworthy movement or get that luxurious impact, slowing down your shutter speed gives you that cool impact. A couple of key things; go for a presentation in the vicinity of 0.5 and 10 seconds which implies that your camera should be completely still. Sunset and day break are awesome times for long exposures yet there is no compelling reason to restrict yourself to these times of day on the off chance that you have a neutral density filter.


Water is a natural mirror. Search out reflections and arrange them. Is the reflection enhancing your picture or diverting from it? In the last case, move around a bit to kill reflections where possible or come back to your area when the sun is at a different angle. A polarizing filter can help dispense with a portion of the reflections and give you pleasant differentiation.

Reflections can likewise add to a picture and are utilized a lot where water is quiet and still. That being stated, ripples can likewise be intriguing as they include surface and impact. There are likewise dynamic reflections that look extraordinary in moving water, for example, the lights of a cityscape.

With reflections you can go for a symmetrical piece or not, contingent upon what you need to depict. You can even simply shoot the water reflection and not simply the subject; the outcomes are simply impressive.

If you’re more interested in what’s inside the water instead of what’s above it, you can opt to go onto the surface of water and maybe capture some interesting marine life. Look into cozumel snorkeling excursions and take your pick. Once you have chosen an activity or tour that you like, grab your waterproof camera and stick it inside to capture some stunning marine life, up and close. You’ll have various options to choose from, so make sure you pick an excursion that best suits your photography adventure.

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