Ways to Take a Good Picture of Yourself

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Photography is something that has become really big, and this can be seen in the way that smartphones are outdoing themselves in order to come up with the best cameras. Initially, cameras had to be bought individually, but with the entry of technology, nowadays some of the best cameras can be found on smartphones. Initially, smartphones only came with the back cameras, but today selfies seem to have become popular and smartphone companies are striving to have the most advanced selfie cameras. Selfies enable people to take photographs of themselves without having to turn the smartphone around. In this article, we are going to look at ways to take a good picture of yourself.

Ways to Take a Good Picture of Yourself

Ways to Take a Good Picture of Yourself

Like we mentioned above, most photographs are taken by smartphone, and the right way is to hold it away from you, at shoulder height, positioning your body at an angle towards the camera and cropping the hand that is holding the camera out of the picture.

The next point is following the rule of thirds, where by you get to divide the screen of the camera into thirds. It would be a great idea not to put yourself in the center of the frame.

Thirdly, would be to get other things into the photograph. You could be on the beach and let the ocean also get into the frame. Adding the background is always a welcome thing in spicing up the photos.

It would also be a good idea to tilt your head instead of holding it straight while looking at the camera. This way, you can angle your eyes towards the camera.

Your body will always look sexier if you tilt your hip with one of your legs on tip toe.

You can try looking away from the frame, and you’ll be surprised at how sexy you might look. You can further make it look better by angling your hip to one side.

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Taking photographs can be the most exciting thing, and also the most disappointing thing when done wrong. There are plenty of online tutorials that people can learn from, or they can hang around seasoned photographers for hands on experience.

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