Who Photographers Should Get Acquainted To Promote Their Services

DIY Photography

It can be quite tough for new wedding photographers to get a foothold in a competitive market. By now, you probably already have a fantastic portfolio, a great website and a few social media sites that are displaying your work.  But for some reason you are still overlooked when it comes to those top rated weddings.  It might just be that you are not advertising in the right places.  More and more people rely on sources such as wedding planners when they choose photographers.  This means that if you want more clients, you should get acquainted with the right sources.

Wedding planners

One of the best ways to reach as many clients as possible is to provide all the wedding planners in your area with a portfolio of your work.  They would absolutely love to give their guests with a greater selection of budget friendly options and you are instantly promoted to just about every couple that walks through the doors.

Who Photographers Should Get Acquainted To Promote Their Services

Wedding venues

It can be quite tough to get wedding venues to display your work but it might just be worth the shot.  Visit all the wedding venues in your area and ask them if they could perhaps display your portfolio to guests.  You might even win a bit of favor in their eyes if you are willing to do a free or discounted photo-shoot of the venue for them.

Wedding clothing shops

Brides spend a lot of time in wedding dress shops as they look for the perfect wedding dress for their big day.  This is usually a fantastic place to display a photography album because it gives brides and brides’ maids something great to do when they take a break off fitting bridal gowns.  Who knows, you might just find the perfect gown or suit for your upcoming wedding while you are there.


Some churches are incredibly forthcoming in helping others get ahead in life.  You can visit all the churches in your area and hear if they perhaps would stock up on your portfolio that they can show new couples.  A great way to convince reverends that helping you out is a great idea is by doing charity for the church and thus winning their favor.

Photo development centers

Photo development centers are often willing to make you a good deal by charging you commission for anyone they get interested in your work. Or they will supply you with clients as long as you promise to do all your printing with them.  They are often the most willing when it comes to portfolio viewing because they can also make a good profit from your work.

There are many ways for you to get your fantastic wedding photography out there but often a more personal approach such as a portfolio is the best and most effective solution.  The best part is that the more acquainted and experienced you and your sources get, the more you learn to rely on one another’s services and help each other’s business grow.

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