Why Every Photographer Should Be Using a Content Management System

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Photography is one of those jobs that everyone wants to do.  Everyone wants to spend their days taking beautiful photos and get a good income while enjoying a flexible job.  Because of the popularity of photography, it can be tough to stay ahead of competitors.  New photographers are surfacing in each and every town and city on almost a daily basis and you really need to opt your digital marketing strategy if you want to stay ahead of these competitors.

But this is easier said than done.  Photography involves a lot of long hours of editing work which leaves you with little time for online marketing.  It also isn’t the easiest task to get your designer to constantly update your website with your latest shoots.

Why Every Photographer Should Be Using a Content Management System

Why Every Photographer Should Be Using a Content Management System

Luckily life is going to get a little bit easier for photographers as well because a content management system (CMS) will soon change the way you go about digital marketing.

What is CMS?

CMS is basically a software app that gives you more freedom to chop and change your website, blog and pages and even your design all on your own.  Check out this article on headless CMS architecture series if you want to understand the details of this system a little bit better.

Why should you be using CMS?

CMS can benefit your photography business in several ways and the best part is that you don’t have to be a web developer or have knowledge in HTML to start using this software and to make all of those changes you constantly need to nag and pay your graphic designer for.  Here are a few good reasons to get CMS now;

You don’t have to do the design – Your graphic designer can still design the website for you and do all of those challenging bits that you just don’t have the time or knowledge to complete.  Once the site is done you will gain full access and will be able to do all sorts of changes all on your own. 

You have full control – You finally have full control over the content and can add or remove and even remodel your basic website design all on your own. This is superb for creating advertisements on your site or blog, adding new articles and content on your blog and you can constantly update your site with all of your latest and most beautiful artworks.  

Marketing becomes a lot easier – CMS is also linked to other channels and enables you to easily share content on these other channels like your social media pages.  You can simply upload your latest shoot to your webpage or blog and can then directly share the content on your social media which in return lures more traffic to your site. 

It is easy – The software is pretty simple to understand.  Just about any photographer can easily start modifying the basic look of their site and can add content whenever they need to.

With CMS your digital marketing becomes a lot easier, quicker and you have much more control over your business.  Switch now and stay ahead of competitors so you can keep getting all of those great bookings.

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